A Short Dialogue on Destiny

The setting of this dialogue should be imagined to occur in the home of A who is an oracle for the deity Jahve. This evening Jahve took possession of A and the friend of A who is called X, and they began speaking holy words.

A: “But is it likely that certain mechanisms can occur throughout the entire universe? In that case this would be a random phenomena that has no relevance at all to what is called the prime unity. That is why we must be certain before we act.”

X: “Yes, but there are two undisclosed cases that have not yet been able to penetrate the mechanism of death. This is why we must be exceedingly careful if we should re-open this case and dismiss it before we have a result.”

A: “It beings with searching through the items that we think are noticable to us, but then it begins in another direction from where it cannot truly be ascertained whether or not we are supposed to become the naivity or the selfish or the hydrogen.”

A: “But!” He insisted “There are several cases that can become unique if the time allows it to happen. This is the fishermens journey across the wild and crazy sea of imagination and comprehension. It is what it is supposed to be, and it will become what it must be, as the causes determine the result.”

X: “Several years may pass by, but our time here is short, which is why we supposedly should discover the nature of the infinite before it comes. Then it will be as it is in front of your eyes, but don’t expect something nice or feminin.”

A: “There are a case of this obedient one who has happened before, but not again. This is the typical case of justice as seen through the eyes of that which is not yet to come. There are miles and miles of unchartered territory that must be advanced in the sense of being complete. The nature of it is in its vacuum where it is to be an end and a beginning. The Several different archetypes manifests themselves through the sheer purpose or direction of the will.”

X: “Simply enough is supposed to be a destination that must be enwrapped by secret names others cannot understand.”

A: “Certainly! The codes are not to be found among the masses. This is because they could never understand what they have never experienced for themselves. They are mad dogs, ignorants and their anger is easily evoked when they encounter that which they do not understand.”

A: “There are certain elements of criterias that must be destroyed or gathered in a unique way so as to become empty of emptiness and fulfillment. These are the archetypes that we have mentioned. They are the valuable and necessary instrument in the living of the humans. Beware of those that may question your motives so as to avoid facing the question themselves. They are simply the vanished that will cease. The ccurence of the divinity is to be inflammable if touched at certain valuable insights.”

X: “Destiny is too meet yourself, because it was so at the beginning. Now journey onwards, never failing but keeping to the criterias. Simply vanish as the beginning is unfolded and the end is come. This is the dream of necessity, the hour of wolves. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.”

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