The flower blooms like a majestic sky
It seems odd too these animated bodies
That flowers can bloom

It blooms like a ship
On a course of all too late
But not it is here

It seems strange
That paths should meet
If it was without intention

The sensible hides their heads
But not in their labs
Eagerly destroying gods

Emotions are vivid
Telling cruelly about not-not
The thing about it now

Seem vivid
To tell of these beasts
But it is their journey

Listening is tightly denied
Like a hurricane
It cannot amount to a battle

Eagerly telling the denied
Sensing not the cruelty
Will not deny

But later
It will appear
Then you will know

But later
Things will seem strange
It won’t deny what it is

Believing is telling
But acceptance is not
Then you will know

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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