Ten Times as Much

But after all there is news to bear
For there have seen ten times these
Beast that haunts the Earth
I have seen them all

They cannot come here
These are mine castles
They cannot break here
These are my beings

But eagerly begging the question
Because it is undervalued
But not sensing not caring
Seeing clearly the path

Come to me when you are done
Come and see me when you are done
But do not deny the deed
For it will appear in a vision

But after all there is nothing
Nothing to worry too much about
Because it will be denied
What it will be

Flesh is not a god
Flesh will rot
Mind will decay
Mind is nothing

Person is to die
Person will die
All will die
Soon they will rot

Soo eagerly accepting the premise
Is faulty
Look out and despair
They have taken you hostage
Something you cannot deny

But hours are coming
When you will understand
And then you must decide
And you will be brave

Undermine not the relation
Giving up hope is too much
But understand the necessary
It is not too late

Fleeing is risky
So is despair
You will know
And then you will do

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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