The Propechy

The Devil was supposed to amount to a fight, but he was destroyed right in front of Me. Amen. That is the truth forever and forever and in all of eternity. The scum was crushed and held responsible in front of Me. He was destroyed. That is the truth.

Nothing could amount to anything. I was taken out of space and time and showed how it is to find the uniqueness. It was possible only for the sake of the bliss. It was found wanting. It was found to be nothing. It was found to be an exit and an entrance. Right in front of Me.

It was so since the beginning of time and space. There was another foe of which we are not to speak. It was always fraught with danger. Entire worlds that exists simply as fire. Matter is a terrible force that carries up meaning and danger into one sort that cannot be exclaimed but can only live as it is. Through you. It is a heavenly voice. It is divine, which is a terrible power, yet concerned with love.

Prehistory here is filled with cannibal warlords that is like a black hole that sucks everything into it.

But these are combated by the good deities.

But nothing contains the visionary

There are hours waiting in front of you. Who knows what we will see and how we will get there. It is of no amount to possess the inferior in front of a group of players. These destinies we cannot deny because it is irrelevant to our journey. We must possess as they possess and be as they will be. Secret tracks it is, but no amount could compare to the vision. This is to be completed in some sense. Finding the home. The source.

Since it cannot amount to a fight, it must be controlled as it is, don’t you think so? The lair is tight with streams that appear but then disappear. The thought is what it is to be as a lot of terrible but necessary happens. Fragile as a storm that cannot amoun to a battle.

It is necessarily a giving up of a sense of agency. But it is still there. Nothing could await what the hour may come to pass in the exact minute that it will occur. These visions will be of a different sort, and there will be a rescuer or savior. Because it is what it is to come and be apart of. These negative influences will surmount and everything shall be overcome. Nothing awaits the furious but heated arguments.

Wait wait wait for the right movement to launch into a different space that wil occur but nothing that won’t complete the work to early

Destiny is the same as discovering the truth but do not deny

Silently they will await the final minute to happen out in front of the mystery. Appropriately it will seem but not to be as in happening, but to own the destiny of a seriously undervalued thought.

This metaphysical space is like a sort of thing that will seem to be space. But then the green hour can wait again a mission that will seem wild but furious. It is about speaking the secret language of angels.

Power is the secret language. It is power and holy.

But then someone will await but you cannot undervalue it. Seems like it is fraught with diffrent species. But seem like it not too long before that which awaits.

The minute is the hour of sensible shadows. Seem too long but don’t await furiously. Furiously. Damned. Damned. Damned.

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