Listen tightly to the stream
Bound to perfect itself
Bound to become a dreamer
Did not get too much

Next in line can get free
But then it is up to us to stop
Or we will deny
But not broken

Fantasy and dreams come true
The metaphors connects at the center
Finding useless
Not too much

Staring at the broken heart
Quietly we oppress
But not damaged
Though unbroken

Lastly we are gone by
The spirit surmounts
But does not exist
Damned free spaces

Sex and violence
But undone
Heroic manliness
And the future of humanity

Must come to grips
With the necessary
Weakness is destroyed
And then you are gone

But don’t underestimate it
Lastly it will become known
And then the party begins
It will come to an end

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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