Going beyond the test is a refuge
of the night as we speak
it crawls nearer but not yet

To speak in riddles but not to understand
rolling around
but not yet seeing the distance

Seems we were misers but yet
it fills the empty stomach
with liquorice and empty promises

Flattering is speaking but not deceased
get the drill
understand the purpose

Look beyond
But not too near

Sensing fragility as it is made
a promise of honour
but deceased

Deceased corpses they walk
hiding in shadow with a grief
flaming passion alive

Finding the nearer
seen the distance
and the slow crawl of empty motions

Slighty damaged
but it is unimportant
understand the need

See me in flames
Sense my secrets but deny it

Lasting is the filth
lasting for a while
then deceased

Finding tired kingdoms
but uniting the brave
looking for a silent grave

It is to become a needful heir
to civilization
that will decease

But nothing more
it will come
unite the few

Look into my heart
Find that it is in its place

Spill out my passion
Find that it fulfills

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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