What You Don’t See

You must live against a background of everything that you hate. Evil, violence, manipulation, and all sorts of other ills. This is irredemably how it is to live life on our planet. You can never escape this that you hate. It will always be present at every single minut of your life, threatening to consume you, and someday it might possibly happen.

There is no use in “changing” the world. It simply cannot be done. Not at this hour and day, because the world is entangled with it. For every step you take, others will have taken other steps that will consume you if you are not careful.

The only cure against this great evil that you face is to embrace pain and suffering wholeheartedly, like the warrior that you are meant to become. You must expect that the worst things will happen, and when they do, you need only be prepared to fight and possibly to die, or even to endure the worst forms of torture, but you must rise up to the task ahead.

Later you will stumble upon a truth. It is there now, even though you do not recognize it.

This truth is God. You do not have experiential knowledge of this yet, but behind all the many things in the world, there is a treasure waiting to be opened, and when it is opened, you will never doubt me again.

There is nothing here besides God. In truth, God is everything, yet you do not discern him because you are caught in the illusory play of the world. It is not really happening any of it.

Someday I will take you there. But now, you must master your courage.

Someday, none of this will matter.

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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