Life Isn’t Fair

Nothing in the world could ever sway us from our path, because in this place we were placed by the organizer of the universe itself. There is order because it is demanded by a divine voice, and in this order we have our place, as everything has its place and that should be an encouraging thought.

Yes, we falter at the sight, because our weakness ties us down like gravity, and we are overwhelmed at what we see unfold before our eyes. Illusion upon illusion has been shattered, and we do not know yet where it will stop. Our mental representation of the world still has order and limits, but what happens if it should break? What is real after all? The world is a shared experience, and nothing more than that.

Your mind contains it all. It is your mind that has primacy, and not the thing in itself of which we have no knowledge. This means that your mind contains the vastness of the universe and everything in it. Suns and megastars and endless cycles, and in it the organizing principle which is God.

What will be revealed tomorrow? Such burdens that only gods were meant to carry. But you are a fragile nothingness, but you have been choosen because you, and only you, could carry this task to its end. You are not fit by nature, but are made fit by the One that you carry, He who is unlimited, and in truth he will carry you through it to the end.

Approach the task with utmost humility. Always remember that you are but dust and ash, and this will protect you against many ills. Remember your need for love, and your ability to look at other and find the best in them. To idealize them, or rather, to see them as they were meant to be seen, with a loving heart. Whatever you face, approach it and it will reveal itself and you shall overcome.

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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