like a nation buried in debris
we understand coming decay
but set about regardless
ships mounts and sails

see this clown world
as a gathering of harlots
intent on self destruction
i will conceive it

continue like a midget
to uncover lost spirits
not to find components useless
but gathering all evidence

on the contrary we move silent
observes the stardom
no longer judging
but setting foes free

gone now are the wicked
they must claim uniqueness
as a stardom rises
they receive only my debris

remaining now are the untroubled
not knowing is sensible
and not gathering in the storm
but realizing bliss is inherent

my weakness is such that i
am inadvertantly beyond caring
sensing their eager betrayal
finding solely the hidden rays

secretly i long for these motions
denial serves only as a bluff
my essence is laid bare
as i am profoundly untroubled

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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