We and our distant cousines
found common ground
as well as shelter
except for the damage

Control your tongue
but don’t relay it
as if it was meant
but not uncovered

Likewise we unite and separate
tie ourselves together
for a while we found shelter
and so came the hate upon the fame

Try not too hasty
to claim proprietorship
it could end well
most likely with a fall

Observe my essences as they spread
across the nation
not flickering as my weakness
but coming together

I am like a fire that rages
not unlike some I knew
fire and passion guides my essence
yet unrenewed

This knowledge is foreign
a sort like super and transcendence
these people who are ignorant
will try to find shelter

But we are those from beyond
high over the earth we roam
through endless deserted spaces
we claim our uniqueness

Try not to find shelter here
but roam it freely
enduring the abuse
gathering the few essentials

Our destiny is freedom
but don’t claim it for yourself
observe as it comes about
and madness is found in sanity

The curiosity was meant to display
sensible flattering and to obey
principles of fleeting shadows
and that which comes between

Down under there rises a wave
to swallow oceans is in my nature
i alone gathered them to me
to watch them suffer and obey

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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