In a thought

Inside the thought it remains
like an idol it is set for betrayal
cannot endure introspection
it will fall like a rock

Someday these things shall occur
but as for destiny
there shall be someone to succumb
yet others shall rise

Don’t come to close to tiger
or it will bite you
like insidious planning
it will betray you

Proceed to the exit
and come across a jewel
a nation shall succumb
others shall arise

Close your eyes and repeat the question
don’t be a foolish harbinger
throw away the prospect
zero thoughts and then a bluff

Thunder will strike the heart
zero thoughts at the entrance
cannot become what it is not
wise men will find common ground

Search for the basement
watch it unfold like the prospect
cannot endure when realized
and by then the end has come

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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