Twice removed by a storm
it has come to pass now
is no longer ignored

Simply to put on trousers
looking to score
no longer a burden

Tunnel collapses under my weight
it has its origin far below
coming now to surface above

Not a failure and will go on
sitting besides calm rivers
destined to play fiddle

In my chest is contained the blueprint
fail not to observe its essence
they are open to receive

It underscores the living nightmare
death walks the city
as if the crowd would notice me

Go under and deeper still
silent roam the wilderness
heart is full of wonders

This my message is your ruin
twice I came through the storm
heroic like something ancient

He is in my deepest belongings
cannot endure what will come
as if we were made of glass

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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