News are going to reach ears
Of summits and clearly seen visions
Cannot come to betray the inner
The outer is mere upholstery

Narcotic sweet flavors of a multitude
Flows through my interior
Beaten like a day of strife
I lie here wasted like the icons

Don’t betray untouchable impulses
Feeling uneasy because of the heat
This stifling summer heat
Burned to oblivion all senses

Cast out the net because these fishes
Are mighty indeed
Collected through careful planning
All spent like diesel

Sixty years from now I’ll be a hero
Planning on setting it through
Touching the beats with my tongue
Licking it all up

But don’t go on needlessly
Don’t give up out of shame
Lay hands on the feast
Feast is mighty indeed

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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