The Sun in my Eyes

By pressing substantial claims
lets not fortify
against all odds we are here
nothing to surrender

The Moon is bathing in my skin
cannot change direction
grey and full of sorrow it blossoms
against all odds

Simply a fortified position
unlocking desperate measures
to be overcome
and to surrender

Seems we gave in too oblivion
without the gaze of the crowd
we did mighty deeds
no one there to praise it

Future is concerned solely with ambition
you will have to die to escape
but it will fill your chest
so full of life when they are young

Tender meat and for the occasion burned
hung upon a cross
the crowd is fleeing against good will
someone seems to notice

They owe me a treasure
so full of light
cannot comprehend the infinitudes
it is beyond reason

Obeying became my path
full of dark memories
in these moments – joy
in these moments – endless flickering

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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