Occasional Grime

Greasy tunip flowers
is for a winters day prime
but uneasy and complicated

Look through the mirror
what are you within?
pieces of ashes and dust

Above it – eternal unrest
Malice for a wide generation
uncomplicated evil

Grease me in your fortitude
your dusty bravery
silent cowering before you

Trace my wicked odour to its source
smells like a lofty generation
completely entrusted to you

My wicked and horrible smell
it is just a shell
crack it wide open

Trash my vigour and my dark orgies
completely ecstatic
just crack it wide open

Trace my distastefulness to your village
I am that silent gesture
took you for granted

I am not horrible
just for the occassion
let’s bath in our secret perfumes

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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