You’re nuts!

there’s a strange bird sitting in a tree
obeying these crazy commandments
caring not for personal safety

explore beyond known regions
come to some conclusions
but keep your heart open

don’t deny the joy of eating these fruits
linger not too long on the past
glorify yourself for the moment

engage and disengage
see these spawns that inherited the world
observe their finest nature

in some sense we become our decisions
that’s what rests on your shoulders
and some other things

hallways are blind and corrupted
nature is cannibalistic
eats its own kind

some love you can get
and a bunch of oppourtunities
burn it off like a mad man

don’t hold on to grudges
fall in love
realize our inherent fragility

go nuts
don’t take no for an answer
everything is yet possible

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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