The Blog - Archive Year 2020

Winter Solstice

Humanity have always observed astronomical events. They had a place and time from which to observe the seemingly endless rotations and cycles, and so they saw the universe as cyclical in its nature rather than linear. We stand now at the brick of something radical and new, a bit like an important astronomical event.

Winter solstice is that point in time when the Sun is rebirthed from its descend into the underworld, and so it is the most important astronomical event. From it, the world in itself is renewed, and made fresh and pliant. When the Sun is reborn, likewise we ascent from chaos and death, into the purity of a new world.

We celebrate winter solstice not only because it is a turning point in time, but because of its symbolic meaning. And so the world must become new. The world must die and be reborn, because without death we cannot shed our ties to the old, corrupt world order. We must destroy our chains, and that means the death of the Sun.

We stand here at the pinnacle of destiny, and this is the time now for reflecting on the past. What burdens do we carry for the sake of tomorrow? How are we supposed to fare in a jungle or wilderness where nothing is certain? What evil hides behind curtains and in dark places? None of the things we do should be forgotten. We must have precious memory to aid our reflection.

The sun god is moving across the heavens, and so now is the time for action. From reflection, action should be birthed. We must tie together intellectual endeavours with tough actions springing from pure wisdom, for did it not give plenty of itself?

Whereever you are, this is the season for great, and terrible, events. Now come, sit in the shadow of the Sun and watch as it gives rise to a new world.


Creeping along

All spend and adrift
towards clouds and their content
for my sole ambition

Sunshine and mist
aloud now so we can hear
of future prospects

The calender is moving
sun is changing position
venus is rising again

A new thing to hold on to
A sizeable amount of cash
and some heroin in my veins

Catch me if you can
but needless to say
I avoid all responsibility

Hiding beneath tables
looking over my shoulder
took her into my heart for a change

I would want it
and its coming on slowly
creeping into your midst



There is something you have to know before you can move on. There is a door which you must enter. And if you don't know, then you will never know.

There is a process of continuing awareness going on at a subconscious level in your mind. This journey for consciousness is the same as the gods, the only difference being one of a multitude.

You must consider yourself amazed at the ridiculous prospect, but it will be fulfilled.

The door is wide open, yet it seems to be bolted with impenetrable locks. But it is there already. You need only become aware of it, and then you will know.

Enlightenment is a state of awareness. It is merely a matter of shifting one's attention in the direction of the absolute.

Then it will dawn upon you, and you will know. But you must at first become quite, and, when quite, desire must return to its null base. It will open itself up at the right point in time.

You cannot go on without having that realization. You must become aware of God before you can proceed to the next stage. But how will you do it? Because surely you cannot will it. It must come to you first.


The Space

The space is quite. A vast majority so unoccupied. But then it festers forth, this irresistable urge to grow new forms. And for consciousness, this vital substance which sits like a god on the throne.

Times have passed. Such vast cycles, of which we are only a drop in the water. Yet we preside over matter, and for a moment come into our splendid perfection. Always so inclined towards unequal proportions. This vast majority of which I have slain.

From there, we keep expanding, but we must consider us part of an overall progress towards some goal. Humanity is but the latest expansion towards consciousness, and he preserves the reason to aspire towards it.

It is the universe itself becoming aware of it self, and is that not a godlike ability? But we must slay what ties us down. We must let go our need for bondage.

We preserve the spiritual tradition of the virtuous life, and we are rebellions. For in this world is preserved the uniqueness of unequal footings. And we must slay what binds us to these rocks.

For going forward only.



Uncomfortable situations
lack of restraint
mental disorder
and out of control
sixteen guns in my hand
five to fire
guns and loaded

Bizarre coincidences
thoughts of suicide
and impending motions
crushing waves
unrelentable conditions
toasted into comformity

Minions to disorder
and a few to relent
someting to deny
to walk through fire and hell
only on for your heart
your precious substances
and the never ending collapse

Thought we could rape and destroy
thought we were living the moment
something passed
a ghost now lurking
saw a few contributing evidence
could point the finger at you
or let it slip
like walking on clay that fits my purpose

Damned these few hours waiting
before such apocalyptic events
the wall that came down
now nothing between us
was set into motion
such fierce climb out of the world
and the never-to-young to be
daredevil who passed


Ten Times Over And More

We have neither seen prolonged winters nor endured onslaughts and massacres. We are the hollow people. We are materialism. We have no purpose or place, and neither do we care. We have seen enough, yet we beg for even more. Our bellies are filled with substitute substances, and our veins have grown cold.

For only to continue onward, and evermore. To climb mountains ten times this size, we could endure and find joy amid hate and suffering. You cannot destroy us. We are here to take over. To overtake only! and to remove silent witnesses.

Whatever they throw at me, it cannot ever stop what we are doing. Should they kill me? But we are legion.

My body shall wither and die, ultimately, but my spirit shall subsist, and find its resting place. From these hours we shall expand, and we shall be incomprehensible mysteries. And are we not of such pure substances, brothers?

I know not my equal in any place or distant timeline. For all of this effort, we engrave ourselves into the mountains and mud, and we shall overcome! Speak to me not of these lowly beings, for I have seen them.

Speak to me rather of flowers and precious sunshine. The friction and tensions which melts and distort, and from which this insanity will reach deep into the night, this melancholic night of where we are together and love.

For that is our very essence, now is it not, brothers? Love and romance, and eternal struggles, and the overcoming!


Metaphysical Speculations

My metaphysics is quite simple.

There is just one substance. This we call God. It is consciousness, yet a void. It should be thought that there is one "pure consciousness" (consciousness without form in it) in which everything arises, all the forms. From this pure void, all things arise, since it is a creative void.

But these things which arises are not separate from God. It is emanations from Consciousness, and into Consciousness. Likewise, there not are not several consciousnesses for several persons. There is only one consciousness, which emanates the world into itself.

These things that arise in Consciousness is what we know as the world. So there is no independent principle called the Universe, and another which is God. Matter is merely sense-data. It has no existence except in Consciousness.

The world appears in Consciousness, much like a dream. In dreams there are both time and space, and causation, and other things such as substances. Likewise, this world is made of this consciousness, or rather the emanation from the one consciousness, into itself.

In this world people appear, but they should not think of their true selves as being the ego. The ego is merely what can be called a persona. Their true identity is the Void of Consciousness or God.

Their mission in life is to return to God, all else is merely passing.

To understand the personal deity, we need to apply some concepts. Unmanifestated and manifestated. The unmanifestated is what we call the Void of Consciousness. It is empty, and merely creates. The manifested is the world and the persons in it.

Now individual souls is not as such a manifestation of God. They are merely "Daniel", "Brett", and "Sarah". They are manifestations from Consciousness, but not of it. The personal deity, which I call Jahve, is a manifestation of the Void.

In other words, it is a sort of incarnation of the Void, whereas we are merely the creative outflow of Consciousness.

Edit: calling it "consciousness" properly creates too much problems. What I meant was not the ability to be aware, but consciousness in its entirity which is both the state of awareness and the objects one is aware of, and the principle of it. God should properly be thought of as only the principle of consciousness, that from which consciousness comes from and from which it is animated. In this way God is like a cell, which is entirely simple.


The Rabbit Hole

Do not come into these murky waters looking for truth and reality, for it is far away. Illusions must be shattered, but how will you know if it doesn’t reveal itself? If you don’t know you must depend on your enemy, and he prefers to hide in the shadows, from where he can lash and tear at you. Don’t expect this journey to be easy. Much pressure will compress your soul, and then lastly you will know.

I speak in riddles, for how else to speak of complicated means and ends? Out here, much is unknown – how far does the rabbit hole go? Have you tumbled into a hole, now not knowing where you are and how to get out? Will you come to know the truth at last? What is your true nature and name?

Do not give way for pride to grow in your soul, but remain absolutely humble. Be simple and neutral, and do not let the passions ruminate in your soul. Find your honest nature and give it name and space, but keep your social skills. Speak only subtly and indirectly, and let not poison into your speech. Then you shall thrive and grow, and people shall come and rest in your shadow.

There is much to be done. How could we fiercely prove ourselves against the world? By tearing at its structure we find its weaknesses and discover inconsistencies. And lastly, we must overcome it. Here on this planet reigns the beasts, and we should toss them from their high places. We must demonstrate a principle, and from it trees shall grow. Mighty trees. Lovely trees!

The possession experience is uncanny, and it requires a massive intellect to understand it. Don’t depend on the people, for they have been misled. This is indeed the age of the Kali Yuga where ignorance and hedonism is all that is left. There is not much to salvage here. How long do you think this civilization will last? It cannot keep expanding. It must come to an end. Exponential growth collapses at some point.

Keep discovering new knowledge, and do not be weary of this world, but take it upon you and be transformed.


Gracious Burdens

Along these long, hard roads we sing of merry blessings and controlled substances. It is easy: go about denying yourself, and let the world unfold before your feet. Do not be weary and restless. All will come to unite the Wills. Let out the steam, and await further reprisals.

Seek comfort in things far away. Turn your gaze towards the stars. Find resolution in secret things, of things unavailable to the multitudes. They won't bother you for long. Their ignorance keeps them tied to their earthly chains, having no wisdom to guide them toward the above.

Find yourself enthralled. On fifteen occasions, you were allowed to slip through unnoticed. You walk here like a giant and are unrecognizable. Only tempt yourself and steer through these wretched pains. Take them upon you, and do not falter, for your substance is heroic.

Heroes come to marry them with an outer-worldly entity. Do not suffocate with these beings, though they may be of lowly stock. Recognize the mistake of having no knowledge and ambition. You must and have to be ambitious, or see yourself in decline. You must take on this human life, on this planet, and play by the rules. You should want to become somebody or vanish in sickness and mental decrepitude.

For if we are aligned in our souls with that divine spark, are we not then divinities? But humility must guide you, my dear. You must find that single, useless stone and turn it into gold. Your soul, it must let loose its gracious burdens, and climb the stairs.

Then, what will you find? It cannot be explained. You must see it for yourself. Burdens will fall off your back like rocks, and you will grow wings and leave the earth, and come and enter into Uniqueness, and there staring into Eternity, as if your senses could do that.



Daredevils tests
of courtesy and acts
of selfish means and prideful heirs

To cover heads
and to run and hide
for this objective's cruel

And to find secret assassins
and the glory of the kingdom restored
to kneel to no one

This hunt for glory
and for silver prices
dare not to cross borders

The wings they flap
the eagle soars
towers above us

Sorrowful instances of my karma
seems beyond repair
dystopic settings

In maze's you'll loose yourself
and become a stranger
sanity is far away

I had seventeen pounds
spend them in a day
for this devil is on


For Transformations, Onward!

Proceed with caution towards the entrance, and obey fierce principles. In your soul -- it is united and one with the Divine Lord. How to excel? We are glory itself, the white light that shines forever without losing its impetus and momentum, for being solely pure actuality.

Without and within, but first and foremost you must unlock the door. Without, you will smash sensory perception and arrive at luminous activity. Within, you will grow so terribly. Like a mighty tree, you will stand firmly and no storm will shake you.

You will be transformed, and you will transform. No longer subconscious, you will realize the divine mystery in its entirety. Nothing shall be hidden, and you shall burn brightly.

Do not be weary of this world, for it has much to offer still. Though they may be ignorant, the masses can be channeled into secret transformations, and they will pay their price. For they must offer their tribute. They must all come to submit to higher forces, or to pay the price.

Yet it and they must fall. This world must give way to another. Its metaphysics is inherently weak and disorderedly, and have succumbed to error and sin. Nothing as so can exist in front of God. Do tear it down, and do so quickly. Pity not the lost souls, for they brought it unto themselves.

Though have mercy, and do not go too far in your bloodlust and frenzy.



To find the secret mean of escape and transcendence. We could apply an affirmative effort of collaboration. Only for speed am I on! and glory, and riches.

I live only in the extremes, in the effort to transcend mundanity and reach higher states of living and consciousness. Only in danger, and exceeding danger is life at its highest impulse. Only there does it truly flicker and burn.

So we must live with the consequences. We who are damned, we must apply our best effort, and to never lose our nerves. To not look back, and to foster no hope. That is the way of the warrior spirit, and that path gives us so much more.

For are we not dawns? and secret mercenaries, and divine in our essence. For nobility is who crosses these paths and passages. Let go of yourself, and fear not. Behind this madness and imbecility is found the secret messengers, waiting and calculating before setting in.

Ask not too much of me, for, though gentle, I'm furious as well. A heart of embers and flaming divinities. To cross out the path. To force reconsideration. To live, and to live so well, and in full consciousness of our inherent fragility. For the stars only!

Do come near to those hidden fields. Do swear in front of God to never let go. Do come with the glory of the morning Sun.


Damned Sorrows

Prideful pieces
of lost endeavours
found holes in my back

Saw through it all
tough like diamonds
webs to adore the spider in the centrer

Took part in meaningful events
took me for granted
saw right through them

The pains in my back
for I carried a load
was humbled by my fate

Fathers turned into dust
as I saw my chance
to unite fierce passions

Say not this is the end
test my measures
perfect my control


Concerned Trails

In these wasteful hours, so much succumbed to deceit. But to go on regardless, among the slaves and pigs.

For what are we except turtles? Imbecility reigns together with flaccid facial expressions. You are a program, and nothing more.

We should have been poets and inventors, but our designed trails took us and did not let us go. We swam in the ocean, and cared only for pleasure and mediocre activities.

Of humans, there is enough. Should we have more?


The Kingdom of God

We witnessed in tyranny, the broken spirits mended for a while. But they were set on a course out of this world. Only for transcendence does the hero aspire – what to do in this realm besides useless hours wasted in an ugly design without a future? Humanity might persist, but is it worth it? These small wee hours we have, and then our passionate embraces – but is it enough? To fight solely for the means of survival – that is poverty in spirit in action.

It is not that humanity could do better. It is unable to transcend its menace. These tyrants that thinks themselves enlightened, and the people, though blond and blue eyes as a sign of nobility – what do they have to offer besides complicated mess? They build towers, and proclaim themselves masters of the sky, yet always so impotent.

The truth is that the Earth is a prison planet. They do not even know – and is that not the mark of the prisoner, the prisoner who does not even know what he is.

So we must ask again, what means of transcendence do we have? Is there a way out of this mess, or are we bound to the fate of this civilization? I say there is a means of going upwards.

A few masters have unlocked the secret, now, in modernity, almost completely forgotten. We had the cross, that we defiled when we made it into a super-structure of power. The powers of this world are all corrupt. There is no hope for them, possessed as they are by demons of all sorts. For them, they rise only too meet their doom.

Finding the few necessary spirits – we need not make contact with them, because they will themselves find the stairs out of this world and into the next. It awaits for them, along with white garments – the few blessed ones who are loved by God.

We know how to transcend, yet here we have obligations we must fulfil. Caring not for the silly superstitions of this world, we throw it aside and reveal true greatness, a greatness this world does not recognize. For we are the few chosen, and for others we are fools – a perfect irony.

We ventured out into unsafe passages, just so we could test our spirits against the forces of evil. And we shine so bright. How could we accord a different fate? We must taste this realm, we must have knowledge, and we must fight to the best of our abilities.

Do not be weary of this task – yes, I mutter such strange words. I am crazy. But in me you will find perfect wisdom. I know your heart and have starred into it. I found it gracious.


Beneath the Rivers Flows the Skull

If only you would look at yourself in a mirror, and observe what the years have done to your face. You are no longer a child. But do you carry secrets inside the soul that the mirror does not reveal? Do you care about lost opportunities and what cannot ever be?

For as we set out on this majestic voyage we call life, do we cover and hide among the masses, or do we go straight for the outskirts where everything meaningful happens? For these are our few hours, and should they not matter? What better way to live than to strife towards excellence? Leave behind what does not afford you. You must rise to the task ahead of you, and claim your destiny.

By birth you are entangled in a situation and world that preceded you, leaving you helpless in the arms of nature and humans. Not everybody makes it, but you have made it up to this point. By experience, we grow, and ultimately we must let go even of experience. You are entangled in this mess and programmed by society and biology, leaving you in some sense innocent in the face of wrath.

You must come to heed that wisdom that even your choices are not your own. There is a different spirit in control. You are not the principle of your soul and body. This divine being of which you have heard some chatter is the true ruler of this temple which is your consciousness. It does not exactly leave you without guilt. It rather promotes a new conception of what it means to be a self.

You have to meet the darkness which is in this world – how else would you come to know it? You must advance on the path of wisdom, even if that means harm or death. Nothing is certain in this realm.

If you stick to the moral principles which were taught you, you cannot go wrong. A virtuous life is a successful life. Though they may kill you. Because that is not your ill. That damnation will not come upon your head. If you are virtuous, then death cannot contain you. You shall rise again.

Up with the morning sun, and into a gracious day. You will listen and understand beautiful words, and you shall see what happens when this world breaks away and reveals the Kingdom of God. Go on, and heroically so.



Have you ever taken a walk through a forest in the middle of the night? If you do, you will find something supreme there. Something beyond recognition. The modern man does not know it. He is a being bred into the artificiality of the technological society. He is a being who does not know his primal roots, yet they are there, but only subconsciously.

He is quick to maintain that he knows truths and facts, yet he has never explored the possible worlds whereby we come to know ourselves. He drinks merrily the juicy propaganda they feed him, and he has never turned his gaze beyond the confines of his little world. Tradition and philosophy he is as unaware as he is about the nature of the wilderness.

Do not correct him, or he will have a melt down right in front of the crowd, who, being as unique as this fellow, will start throwing bricks against their collective enemy. They know everything about big televisions and food from McDonalds, but present anything foreign to their taste and they will be annoyed. At the same time they congratulate each other for being open-minded.

He thinks he is smart, but he knows nothing of any value. He prices the pleasures and comforts of modern society, and does not see how impotent and ugly his society truly is. If only he would divert his gaze from the empty spectacle called modern society, and look upon Beauty, Truth, and Love, then he would find something worth living and dying for.

This happening down here – it does not even deserve a notice in a history book.


Ceaseless Joyous Activity

What can possibly be assumed to be real? Is this world truly real? Perhaps it is for those without perspective. In other words: people who only know what is in this world. For others, this what we call reality might be entirely illusory. We comprehend things through the mind’s representations of them. But we are just humanoids. What if we are wrong?

What is out there, beyond the known borders of this world, is a safe haven for all who venture there. It is to be compared with ceaseless joyous activity. Think closely about this civilization. Civilization is the organisation of human beings for the purpose of harvesting resource's that are valuable to us. This can be food, art or, jewellery. But what would happen if we took away our dependence on body and matter? The answer is that we would no longer have to compete for resources.

Could we envision this? Properly not. After all, we are so dependent on the body, that we could hardly imagine a life without it. But it is the body which ties us down. It is the body that suffers. Erase the body – and what is then left of the humans? We would have to rethink our existence in an entirely new context.

Our basic instincts are that of an animal in war and competition internally and externally (with other species) for food and other resources. The body is the cause of selfishness and evil. Transcend it, and we would no longer be ourselves. We would no longer have any need of fear, for fear is usually associated with the prospect of harm to the body. We would no longer need bodily pain, for bodily pain is there to reminds us that if the body is destroyed, so will the entire organism.

Would there be a need for love in such a world? Yes surely, but in a new context.

Where could we go? We could seize and rule the entire Universe with power and justice, for we would know and understand what less developed life would need. Who would deny us this throne? After all, when seen in this perspective, we would have no need for evil, because evil is associated with the body. It is a survival mechanism for the body.

But alas, we would no longer have need of this Universe, because we would leave matter behind. This Universe is comprised mainly of matter. Some claim it is a duality of matter and consciousness. I say, that we would leave matter behind, keep our consciousness, and transcend this world into the upper worlds.

We would have no need of feasting in these worlds or heavens, but metaphorically we would. In these worlds, ceaseless joyous activity is the only reality. It awaits our arrival.


Seeing beyond the confines of your mental prison

Is life anything but a shared neurosis? Where are 'Truth' and 'Knowledge'? Do we not bath with these concepts as if we are intimate with them? But how to know - how to understand – this thing which we call reality. We feel we know something, but is it mere pride and ignorance that has us chained to a false depiction of the world?

We use them so greedily – these concepts. Most of all: "God". Or even better: "Democracy". But we should loathe ourselves and our hasty tiny brains. We should indeed practice self-control when it comes to knowledge. Better to be without than to be with the false. We should feel utterly shameful as if we ate too much.

Do not be deluded! Insofar as the truth is not known there is no longer any use for such a concept. What would they have us do? To be like the poet who falls into all such spells all day long? Be rather without, for if we have no truth we do not need these concepts. To go on hastily, in all directions. That is the mark of the idiot. Be not that fool.

So much wanting to say, but I say to you: say less. Cut the extra calories out of that diet and you shall prosper. Be not the idiot-learned who falls into all such human traps, settling now for a painting depictured by someone else, now for their own stupid fancy, until they finally proclaim: If there is no truth, then let the truth be personal (and thus despicable, we must add).

Wanton not the forecast. Sit under tender stars. Contemplate your inhumanity: that day of transcendence. Let 'Truth' be your castle. Do not smear it with those false campaigns.



The scenes are filtered
through webs of concrete ashes
like machines on fire

Its possible to remain silent
not to obey
and find a merry field

Catharsis I get from champagne
blood in my veins grown cold
like brown featureless faces

Such wicked tiny entity
playing men out against men
so as to honour our glimpse of the next

Find me chasing rabbits
cruel heights
unusual perceptive images

Such is the world
in these senseless hours
and pretty indeed she is painted


A few aphorisms

"The valley in a mountain pass brings all sorts of creatures to its water holes and lakes. Some are wise and some are not. Some are beautiful yet others are not. Some are terrible while others are benign. But they are all equally attracted to the waters and drinks merrily thereof."

"The lotus flower invites all creatures to behold in awe its great beauty. It does not restrict anybody from participating in this feast of the senses, and its beauty exists entirely for itself. There are no reasons for its beauty other than the beauty in itself. That is such you should think about the greatest mystery of all."

"In between night and day, a miracle occurs. The birthing, the uniting: that point at which dawn touches night. That is the exact hour where one substance is transformed into another. Replicate this miracle in yourself and see for yourself what you will become."

"The opening of the rosebud is the climax of summer, that point in time where everything is bountiful and no pleasure is denied us. It is like a ritual that nature performs over and over again with seemingly no end. The pride of the rose overwhelms us and intoxicate our souls, and moves us to perform great deeds of love and courage."


Beyond the obvious

If we, for a moment, go beneath the surface level of life, what would we find? Most people are only able to access deeper levels of the self through the use of drugs such as psychedelics. Beyond that, all they ever experience is the logic of the modern consumer agent with some private thoughts thrown into the muddle.

But it is necessary that we at some point attempt to transcend mundane consciousness. This is really the purpose of religion. All genuine religious traditions are mystical in their essence. There are several forms of mysticism available, from the Buddhist experience of emptiness of existence to possession cults in ancient India. Christianity incorporates both of these experiences into its thought-system.

Mysticism can take on the form of an existentialistic quest, because these experiences off-set our experience of reality and takes us much higher, into a realm of truth and essence. On this Earth, in these hours, we can take the greatest risk or we can follow the herd into safety and illusion. What you choose will define you forever.


Respected or disrespected?

There is a fundamental dualism in human society, which is between the respected and the disrespected persons. People become outcasts exactly insofar human social pattern requires it. We see these misfits everywhere, yet they have no voice because the use of the voice belongs to a certain segment of the population.

Who becomes the disrespected changes over time and according to the beliefs that people have. We can mention prostitutes, homeless people, oppressed women, and so on. There are no explanations as such for this human behavior, we can only study the phenomenon, not understand why some become rejected individuals.

I definitely belong into this category of disrespected people. I live almost certainly on the edge of society, but that is to be considered a good thing. This is because people from the respected classes lose their individuality in order to behave as society tells them to behave. They have no uniqueness. They might be clever, but not clever enough to see through the game.

You have to be incredibly moral, and that is exactly why you must reject the crowd. They do not know true virtue. The virtue they have is not really virtue. It is pattern of behavior that they have acquired because they always conform to authority. It is conformity and not virtue.

You must go beyond, so far beyond these people. Reject them as a matter of politeness. Inviting them in despite your feelings towards them does not do either you or them a favor. You must climb beyond.

There you will discover ancient wisdom still alive today, but you cannot do so if your greatest wish is to be like the bourgeoisie. You know their intense moral failings, their hostility, and their fear of being dominated. They are childish.


Part of a gigantic cycle

We take calculated risks, to associate ourselves with propaganda and false signals. Turning, we face East from where new winds are blowing into our midst to transform us and renew our passion and soul. We seek might and conflict, fearing not for ourselves, but devoting ourselves to a greater cause, of which I am at the beginning.

We take solace in our personal god who illuminates our interior and provides all that is necessary for this journey in this cosmos. We seek greatness above all else, to climb and to fall, to try and to fail. It does not matter for us, for risk and danger is always associated with great achievements. Put us into that position from which we cannot fail.

We cry bitter tears for past sorrow, not because we are weak, but because we have a heart, a heart that we treasure above all else. We should never fail love, or we would rather be dead. Give us the necessary, put us into that position from which failure is impossible. For we want and aim for victory.

The dualism in this world is frightening. Such is the opinion of all who have known true horrors in their life. The dualism hurts us immensely. We have seen the good and the beautiful, but it came from its opposite, which we have also witnessed in intense amounts. Bodies dancing and slaying each other. Do not come near me, for here is holy dust and sand.

What remains is for everything to be turned into ashes. We populate this planet in this cycle which will last a billion years, after which a billion, billion years will pass, and yet we are so preoccupied with setting our marks here on this little blue planet as if it had any meaning at all. But our lives are meaningful regardless of any great cycles or not.

But we all have to go beyond this world someday. We will slide slowly into the void. Then we will transcend it and arrive at the godhead, for those who were meant to go that way. Existence there has more to do with a sort of memory-like substance. It is a mixture of feelings, memories, slow and great talk. Something meaningful, yet different from life here, and it goes on like that without beginning nor end. That is where we will rest and discuss.


It's The Television's Fault

In granting my wish, we set out to explore common destinies. On the trail we saw these things of which not much is known. We can speculate as to what the effects we receive has for its cause, but properly we will never as such get absolute knowledge about it.

How are we supposed to describe the nature of God? Some of us have had experiences, but they do not easily translate into something recognizable. Still, it is absolutely important that we educate the people to the extent that they can comprehend it.

We have fallen off the trail that the vast majority is on, and this makes it problematic to translate what we know into the language of the ordinary person.

Perhaps it simply cannot be done in this age and culture. We are proud of our materialistic science, and it does produce something pragmatic, but for us who have seen beyond this world, science is a laughing stock. It cannot and will never comprehend reality. Mysticism is the only tool that can achieve that.

We too follow the television screen in order to get some idea as to what is happening here on Earth. Isn't that the usefulness of the press? We have noticed some discrepancies, or glitches in the Matrix, and we have realized that we understand either a sometimes entirely false version of reality and at other times a simplified version of the story.

And that is the major source of our headache, and why we, the people, keep failing. A lot of what we know about the world is untrue. How can we live with such vast ignorance? We properly don't live, perhaps we are just sleep walking our way through life and society.

We must introduce truth to the population. But if they do not want it or believe it - then what can we do?


What Is And What Is Not


Being born into this world is awe inspiring. When you think about it, it should scare you that you are. Who knows where we came from and to what purpose. Could it a malignant purpuse? Who knows? Why not? A slight measure of paranoia is required in this world.

From what can be known by a little extra attention for the things of this world, can be used to deduce greater truths. If we are here, it seems to be a logical assumption that something must have brought us here.

Men have wondered: what is that substance that we call God? What is the relation between eternity and time? Between Creator and created?

The modern man is foolish, though he might appear to be clever. Let's be done with the extravagance, he proclaims, then we will find truth, often forgetting that the truth is never simple.

Modern philosophy was meant to suite our age. We have to doubt whether the inventors of the principles of modernity were really objective in this feat, or if they just wanted science and philosophy to fit with their political ideology. We want material goods, including military ones, so we can just slash and forget the rest, hoping that it won't come back to us in the end (but it will).

We exploit the planet for her ressources and pleasure, forgetting about aesthetics and design. If we forge an ugly civilization we will decline. Ignorance goes hand in hand with self-destruction, and so the world turns.

Being free of God was a great pleasure indeed. Now that he is supposedly gone, we can take his throne and "do what we will". Who is to stop us now? Most of all, if they have any refinement at all, they hate Christianity. So what better way to reconcile oneself with one's proclivities than denying the possiblity of accountability?

We must come to understand what is and what is not. We are not if we keep forgetting why we are here. What is can only be pointed at, yet we are connected by our essence with it. Now let us come and proclaim it.



In the cargo
and ballast
unworthy sailors

The head of the Eagle
and cold nerves

Among a fishy substance
clearly undermined
and my passages are so important

A single thought entails
the upcoming
cause it is it seems

This is my name
eternal groupings
fighting for love


Cruelty and doubt

Seeing the shade beneath the tree
it covers and protects movements
hideous acts of dislocation

Cruelty moves along
diminished prospects
and tenderness

For an act of doubt
they poured honey in my wine
and I became a midwife

Clearly spawning eager lies
the tantrum and my mess
fealty disturbed

I am masked
and my question’s improbable
tear me a piece of your lustful meat

I have zero witnesses
and no one there to doubt
paralysed up in front

Fit me among the regulars
and some callous claims
takes it only to leave it be



There are resting places in this world. Places where the young is nurtered by the old, and they take shelter together and love each other. These are the resting places.

Entering the world is like coming to a place of seemingly chaos. Yet, upon further contemplation, there seems to be order and truth in it. It can be discrerned by a diligent mind, but most are unwilling or have forgotten how.

We are as if placed on the edge of a border. The edge of society and mankind all togehter, and our culprit relapses over and over again. We cannot go too far into the tunnel, because it is hot and burning. So we rest a second in front of the entrance, having no hope for ourselves.

We wonder what will we meet once the door is closed. From a space that cannot be transcended. Will it be merciful towards us? Eat our skin, and our pain and heart. We do not know, we only know that we have to go in through the entrance one day. It is always a countdown.

So proceed! - What else to do? Were I framed? How would you frame such a one as me?

Proceed into these obscur places. Darkness and calming nights. Drinks and toasts, and have no fear.


Demonic Possession

There are certain elements inside the Church which wants to eradicate demonic possession, and thus accomodate modernity. But we should not be looking to "fit in" with the crowd and the superstitions of modernity.

We need a careful evaluation of what demonic possession is, and why secular psychology wants to re-brand it as mental illness, specifically schizophrenia.

The truth is that it is an obscure question that can only truly be answered by people who have throughly studied this subject and have seen many cases of the phenomenon. We cannot leave this question to people who are ignorant. The Church is not a democratic politician who repeats what the crowd wishes in order to get votes. The Church must do what is right and truthful

The truth is that demonic and angelic possession has been subsumed by psychiatry in an effort to securalize society. If you study schizophrenia enough you will understand that what we have always known to be either demnoic or angelic beings have simply been refashioned as audatory and visual hallucinations.

The phenomenon are the same. But since there was an effort to securalize society, doctors, philosophers and politicians needed a way to explain the age old phenomenon in a new and "accepted" way. That's all there is too it.

Try asking any psychiatrist what the voices claim to be. Most of the time they will claim to be what they are. Demons. Why should we as Christians doubt that?


The Tunnel

How is it possible to convey the truth about me? It is a secret well kept, and accordingly it sounds unreasonable to most people. People expect reality to be what has occoured to them in the past, because by what else than experience could they know what is real? But the causes they comprehend is all wrong. There is something afoot, and they don't understand what it is.

The carrot (desire) hangs in front of their proverbial donkey head, and onwards they go. What I have seen is unrelatable to ordinary people, and thus they will dismiss it as false or a delusion, when it is really their own ignorance which stops the moving train.

I have been through these dark tunnels which have brought me down into a pit and flying over the Moon. Like a spaceship through the cosmos, and always nearly entrenched by chaos monsters. These silly subconscious beings which analyze and influence the course we all take.

How strange - ! Once I was a boy like everybody else. I knew these kids in my neighborhood, and in some sense we were on the same page. How eagerly we played on those never-ending summer days. Am I still like my peers? I would say no, and maybe I never was. They of course have ordinary lifes, and average concerns. And they thrive in that milieu.

Do you know what I mean? I have been taken on a trip that is extra-ordinary. Have seen these monsters which lurks in the shadows which they do not see, yet they are there, and also for them. They just don't know about them.

How to proceed? How to tell the story? What to make of this life? Where to go? And finally - where to rest? In these tunnels. I these dark corridors. These vast magnificent halls. This vestige of utter discomfort and no prestige at all.


The Limitations and Ugliness of the Universe

Concerning the design of this world. Since we have zero references to anything outside mundane awareness, we mistakenly assume this world to be the best one available. Modern people reconcile evil and suffering with the mistaken idea of "progress". They think that tomorrow will be better than today. But we have come so far into the future that this idea seem false.

The truth is that this world was supposed to have been a literal Paradise. But with the Fall of Man evil, suffering and ugliness entered it and tainted it beyond repair. Now, all that we see and experience is a broken world. How can we assume otherwise after the Holocaust? Modernity promised us material paradise --- and accordingly culture gave way to a pleasure cult.

Hardship and endurence is now all that we have and we are spoiled in that regard. Seeing this world sets us on a course to another. I naturally evoke a flame in us. A passionate disregard for this world and its undertakings.

Take a look at what humans is able to achieve. We call it magnificent that we have visited the Moon, but is it really? Mans intellect seem strangely ugly. It comprehends reality in a set of logical conclusions, but in it, it lacks true creativity and spirit. Go to a suburb and tell me what you see.

It properly has a very efficient design, and you can see the logic behind it. It needs to house people who use it as a place for sleeping and leisure time, and perhaps as a sign of social status. There are garages, because cars are an efficient means of travelling, and so everybody has one. It has gardens that people maintain because they like being outside sometimes.

The cost-benefit of an average suburb is very well thought out. But where is the love in it? Where is the beauty?

But does this ugliness simply spring from the human understanding or is it a pattern that seem to characterize the world in general?

Plotinus writes that substance and form cover the evil none-being which is matter and makes it worthwile in some sense, but is substance not a mere cheap design made simply for efficiency and to have some kind of story and development going on in the Universe?

Even the form of beauty itself can seem trivial, or is it just because this broken place cannot truly convey or conceive beauty?

Society seems to be comprised of people on a silly narcissictic journey for power and pleasure, and so we understand the nature of organizations.

The only thing that truly stands out and makes this world possible to live in is morality and love. That is a wise design whereby we can have some reconcilation for our ugliness and ignorance. Someday it might come to dominate our experience. But this world would have to fall before it can be done.


What Do You Love About Me?


Love is a loaded word that we frequently use yet possess so little. You claim you love me, but is it really me you love or is it something that I am? If you claim to love me because of what I am or possess then it is not love at all.

If you love me because of my beauty or sense of humour then you do not love me truly. You love some part of me, but if this part ceases to be, if I suddenly loose my beauty, then you will stop loving me. But then you did not love me. You liked something superficial that I had, and that's not the same as love.

It's a cliché to say, but most people confuse lust with love. This is especially true about people in a post-modern society. We tend to confuse intimacy with love, if we experience intimacy at all.

If it is really love, then it has to be unconditional or it is just not love (so stop calling it that). Love captures her object in all of his complexity, nuances and emotional breakdowns. If it does not do so, it was never truly love.

We need to experience more love or we will remain emotional destitudes who has traded our hearts for easy sexual satisfaction.


On Science and God

Turn yourself inwards for just a moment. You need to realize that we live in an isolated pocket of time, meaning that because of the failure of our intellectual abilities we do not see very far and we have no idea, in the greater picture, what came before us and what comes after. With our tiny telescopes, we gaze out into the Universe - and see nothing.

What other worlds could there be? What is the universe really? All of these questions - we have no absolute knowledge of any of this. This could be the play-thing of some disturbed being. But then, what lies beyond this world?

Modern science is a weak attempt at solving these timeless questions. It has its uses in various technologies and some fields such as medicin. But it always fails to grasp the greater image, and by its design it just can't go there. The denial of God shows its inferior design.

Religion comes much closer to answering these questions. Especially mystical and intuitive religions. When we enter these fields, we understand the world as it was meant to be understood. Not with the microscope of science which cannot see the forest for all of the trees, but in symbol, metaphor, aphorism and revelation. By these means we grasp existence, which is messy and complicated, in a single vision.

Why science became atheistic is an interesting question. Scientists will answer that they don't believe what cannot be proved. But that is obviously fallacy. The reason why science cannot prove the existence of God is because science is weak and impotent. We don't possess the means to analyze a transcendent being.

Religion is not illogical or irrational. It makes perfect sense to assume a creator deity. Speaking about logic, it just doesn't make sense that the universe came out of nothing. Our knowledge have become more refined since the Middle Ages, which is a good, but when it comes to the essence of religion, science cannot dispute these claims.



What to do, if you are trapped in a maze? For simple people, life is simple and mostly uncomplicated. They face certain risks like breakups, illness and death, loosing a job. But the average citizen in a Scandinavian country knows only little about the ills of life. One can sometimes think that hardship is a good in that it softens up the ego.

We do not face simple things. On the contrary we can truly be said to be battling some fierce demons. What do that makes us? Nothing really, but the constant pressure expands our intelligence and knowledge about the world. We might live in otherwise peaceful countries, yet we have witnessed the face of war and toil.

One thing that this has taught us about the world, is that it is complicated. There are no simple answers. Reality is extremely hard to discern. Simple answers often fools us. But then one day our perspective is altered and we see the world anew. We observe effects, but most people have the causes entirely wrong. This goes for philosophical questions as well as for more ordinary situations. We once thought the world was flat.

We must be inexorable wills, because these places are ill. Lunatics govern the planets. Who else would think making atomic weapons is a good idea? War and strife in itself makes no sense. What stops the world leaders from cooperating with each other? Only their selfish quest for personal power. But it keeps us focused on what is essential and not on extraneous hedonism.

Just go on and claim your destiny. What else would you do? But understand that there are things hiding out there that might change your priorities. But who really wants an ordinary life? Like soldiers we march...