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Respected or disrespected?

"The valley in a mountain pass brings all sorts of creatures to its water holes and lakes. Some are wise and some are not. Some are beautiful yet others are not. Some are terrible while others are benign. But they are all equally attracted to the waters and drinks merrily thereof."

"The lotus flower invites all creatures to behold in awe its great beauty. It does not restrict anybody from participating in this feast of the senses, and its beauty exists entirely for itself. There are no reasons for its beauty other than the beauty in itself. That is such you should think about the greatest mystery of all."

"In between night and day, a miracle occurs. The birthing, the uniting: that point at which dawn touches night. That is the exact hour where one substance is transformed into another. Replicate this miracle in yourself and see for yourself what you will become."

"The opening of the rosebud is the climax of summer, that point in time where everything is bountiful and no pleasure is denied us. It is like a ritual that nature performs over and over again with seemingly no end. The pride of the rose overwhelms us and intoxicate our souls, and moves us to perform great deeds of love and courage."