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Beneath the Rivers Flows the Skull

If only you would look at yourself in a mirror, and observe what the years have done to your face. You are no longer a child. But do you carry secrets inside the soul that the mirror does not reveal? Do you care about lost opportunities and what cannot ever be?

For as we set out on this majestic voyage we call life, do we cover and hide among the masses, or do we go straight for the outskirts where everything meaningful happens? For these are our few hours, and should they not matter? What better way to live than to strife towards excellence? Leave behind what does not afford you. You must rise to the task ahead of you, and claim your destiny.

By birth you are entangled in a situation and world that preceded you, leaving you helpless in the arms of nature and humans. Not everybody makes it, but you have made it up to this point. By experience, we grow, and ultimately we must let go even of experience. You are entangled in this mess and programmed by society and biology, leaving you in some sense innocent in the face of wrath.

You must come to heed that wisdom that even your choices are not your own. There is a different spirit in control. You are not the principle of your soul and body. This divine being of which you have heard some chatter is the true ruler of this temple which is your consciousness. It does not exactly leave you without guilt. It rather promotes a new conception of what it means to be a self.

You have to meet the darkness which is in this world � how else would you come to know it? You must advance on the path of wisdom, even if that means harm or death. Nothing is certain in this realm.

If you stick to the moral principles which were taught you, you cannot go wrong. A virtuous life is a successful life. Though they may kill you. Because that is not your ill. That damnation will not come upon your head. If you are virtuous, then death cannot contain you. You shall rise again.

Up with the morning sun, and into a gracious day. You will listen and understand beautiful words, and you shall see what happens when this world breaks away and reveals the Kingdom of God. Go on, and heroically so.