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Beyond the obvious

If we, for a moment, go beneath the surface level of life, what would we find? Most people are only able to access deeper levels of the self through the use of drugs such as psychedelics. Beyond that, all they ever experience is the logic of the modern consumer agent with some private thoughts thrown into the muddle.

But it is necessary that we at some point attempt to transcend mundane consciousness. This is really the purpose of religion. All genuine religious traditions are mystical in their essence. There are several forms of mysticism available, from the Buddhist experience of emptiness of existence to possession cults in ancient India. Christianity incorporates both of these experiences into its thought-system.

Mysticism can take on the form of an existentialistic quest, because these experiences off-set our experience of reality and takes us much higher, into a realm of truth and essence. On this Earth, in these hours, we can take the greatest risk or we can follow the herd into safety and illusion. What you choose will define you forever.