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Ceaseless Joyous Activity

What can possibly be assumed to be real? Is this world truly real? Perhaps it is for those without perspective. In other words: people who only know what is in this world. For others, this what we call reality might be entirely illusory. We comprehend things through the mind�s representations of them. But we are just humanoids. What if we are wrong?

What is out there, beyond the known borders of this world, is a safe haven for all who venture there. It is to be compared with ceaseless joyous activity. Think closely about this civilization. Civilization is the organisation of human beings for the purpose of harvesting resource's that are valuable to us. This can be food, art or, jewellery. But what would happen if we took away our dependence on body and matter? The answer is that we would no longer have to compete for resources.

Could we envision this? Properly not. After all, we are so dependent on the body, that we could hardly imagine a life without it. But it is the body which ties us down. It is the body that suffers. Erase the body � and what is then left of the humans? We would have to rethink our existence in an entirely new context.

Our basic instincts are that of an animal in war and competition internally and externally (with other species) for food and other resources. The body is the cause of selfishness and evil. Transcend it, and we would no longer be ourselves. We would no longer have any need of fear, for fear is usually associated with the prospect of harm to the body. We would no longer need bodily pain, for bodily pain is there to reminds us that if the body is destroyed, so will the entire organism.

Would there be a need for love in such a world? Yes surely, but in a new context.

Where could we go? We could seize and rule the entire Universe with power and justice, for we would know and understand what less developed life would need. Who would deny us this throne? After all, when seen in this perspective, we would have no need for evil, because evil is associated with the body. It is a survival mechanism for the body.

But alas, we would no longer have need of this Universe, because we would leave matter behind. This Universe is comprised mainly of matter. Some claim it is a duality of matter and consciousness. I say, that we would leave matter behind, keep our consciousness, and transcend this world into the upper worlds.

We would have no need of feasting in these worlds or heavens, but metaphorically we would. In these worlds, ceaseless joyous activity is the only reality. It awaits our arrival.