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Part of a gigantic cycle

We take calculated risks, to associate ourselves with propaganda and false signals. Turning, we face East from where new winds are blowing into our midst to transform us and renew our passion and soul. We seek might and conflict, fearing not for ourselves, but devoting ourselves to a greater cause, of which I am at the beginning.

We take solace in our personal god who illuminates our interior and provides all that is necessary for this journey in this cosmos. We seek greatness above all else, to climb and to fall, to try and to fail. It does not matter for us, for risk and danger is always associated with great achievements. Put us into that position from which we cannot fail.

We cry bitter tears for past sorrow, not because we are weak, but because we have a heart, a heart that we treasure above all else. We should never fail love, or we would rather be dead. Give us the necessary, put us into that position from which failure is impossible. For we want and aim for victory.

The dualism in this world is frightening. Such is the opinion of all who have known true horrors in their life. The dualism hurts us immensely. We have seen the good and the beautiful, but it came from its opposite, which we have also witnessed in intense amounts. Bodies dancing and slaying each other. Do not come near me, for here is holy dust and sand.

What remains is for everything to be turned into ashes. We populate this planet in this cycle which will last a billion years, after which a billion, billion years will pass, and yet we are so preoccupied with setting our marks here on this little blue planet as if it had any meaning at all. But our lives are meaningful regardless of any great cycles or not.

But we all have to go beyond this world someday. We will slide slowly into the void. Then we will transcend it and arrive at the godhead, for those who were meant to go that way. Existence there has more to do with a sort of memory-like substance. It is a mixture of feelings, memories, slow and great talk. Something meaningful, yet different from life here, and it goes on like that without beginning nor end. That is where we will rest and discuss.