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There is something you have to know before you can move on. There is a door which you must enter. And if you don't know, then you will never know.

There is a process of continuing awareness going on at a subconscious level in your mind. This journey for consciousness is the same as the gods, the only difference being one of a multitude.

You must consider yourself amazed at the ridiculous prospect, but it will be fulfilled.

The door is wide open, yet it seems to be bolted with impenetrable locks. But it is there already. You need only become aware of it, and then you will know.

Enlightenment is a state of awareness. It is merely a matter of shifting one's attention in the direction of the absolute.

Then it will dawn upon you, and you will know. But you must at first become quite, and, when quite, desire must return to its null base. It will open itself up at the right point in time.

You cannot go on without having that realization. You must become aware of God before you can proceed to the next stage. But how will you do it? Because surely you cannot will it. It must come to you first.