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Gracious Burdens

Along these long, hard roads we sing of merry blessings and controlled substances. It is easy: go about denying yourself, and let the world unfold before your feet. Do not be weary and restless. All will come to unite the Wills. Let out the steam, and await further reprisals.

Seek comfort in things far away. Turn your gaze towards the stars. Find resolution in secret things, of things unavailable to the multitudes. They won't bother you for long. Their ignorance keeps them tied to their earthly chains, having no wisdom to guide them toward the above.

Find yourself enthralled. On fifteen occasions, you were allowed to slip through unnoticed. You walk here like a giant and are unrecognizable. Only tempt yourself and steer through these wretched pains. Take them upon you, and do not falter, for your substance is heroic.

Heroes come to marry them with an outer-worldly entity. Do not suffocate with these beings, though they may be of lowly stock. Recognize the mistake of having no knowledge and ambition. You must and have to be ambitious, or see yourself in decline. You must take on this human life, on this planet, and play by the rules. You should want to become somebody or vanish in sickness and mental decrepitude.

For if we are aligned in our souls with that divine spark, are we not then divinities? But humility must guide you, my dear. You must find that single, useless stone and turn it into gold. Your soul, it must let loose its gracious burdens, and climb the stairs.

Then, what will you find? It cannot be explained. You must see it for yourself. Burdens will fall off your back like rocks, and you will grow wings and leave the earth, and come and enter into Uniqueness, and there staring into Eternity, as if your senses could do that.