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The Kingdom of God

We witnessed in tyranny, the broken spirits mended for a while. But they were set on a course out of this world. Only for transcendence does the hero aspire � what to do in this realm besides useless hours wasted in an ugly design without a future? Humanity might persist, but is it worth it? These small wee hours we have, and then our passionate embraces � but is it enough? To fight solely for the means of survival � that is poverty in spirit in action.

It is not that humanity could do better. It is unable to transcend its menace. These tyrants that thinks themselves enlightened, and the people, though blond and blue eyes as a sign of nobility � what do they have to offer besides complicated mess? They build towers, and proclaim themselves masters of the sky, yet always so impotent.

The truth is that the Earth is a prison planet. They do not even know � and is that not the mark of the prisoner, the prisoner who does not even know what he is.

So we must ask again, what means of transcendence do we have? Is there a way out of this mess, or are we bound to the fate of this civilization? I say there is a means of going upwards.

A few masters have unlocked the secret, now, in modernity, almost completely forgotten. We had the cross, that we defiled when we made it into a super-structure of power. The powers of this world are all corrupt. There is no hope for them, possessed as they are by demons of all sorts. For them, they rise only too meet their doom.

Finding the few necessary spirits � we need not make contact with them, because they will themselves find the stairs out of this world and into the next. It awaits for them, along with white garments � the few blessed ones who are loved by God.

We know how to transcend, yet here we have obligations we must fulfil. Caring not for the silly superstitions of this world, we throw it aside and reveal true greatness, a greatness this world does not recognize. For we are the few chosen, and for others we are fools � a perfect irony.

We ventured out into unsafe passages, just so we could test our spirits against the forces of evil. And we shine so bright. How could we accord a different fate? We must taste this realm, we must have knowledge, and we must fight to the best of our abilities.

Do not be weary of this task � yes, I mutter such strange words. I am crazy. But in me you will find perfect wisdom. I know your heart and have starred into it. I found it gracious.