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What Do You Love About Me?


Love is a loaded word that we frequently use yet possess so little. You claim you love me, but is it really me you love or is it something that I am? If you claim to love me because of what I am or possess then it is not love at all.

If you love me because of my beauty or sense of humour then you do not love me truly. You love some part of me, but if this part ceases to be, if I suddenly loose my beauty, then you will stop loving me. But then you did not love me. You liked something superficial that I had, and that's not the same as love.

It's a clich´┐Ż to say, but most people confuse lust with love. This is especially true about people in a post-modern society. We tend to confuse intimacy with love, if we experience intimacy at all.

If it is really love, then it has to be unconditional or it is just not love (so stop calling it that). Love captures her object in all of his complexity, nuances and emotional breakdowns. If it does not do so, it was never truly love.

We need to experience more love or we will remain emotional destitudes who has traded our hearts for easy sexual satisfaction.