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Seeing beyond the confines of your mental prison

Is life anything but a shared neurosis? Where are 'Truth' and 'Knowledge'? Do we not bath with these concepts as if we are intimate with them? But how to know - how to understand � this thing which we call reality. We feel we know something, but is it mere pride and ignorance that has us chained to a false depiction of the world?

We use them so greedily � these concepts. Most of all: "God". Or even better: "Democracy". But we should loathe ourselves and our hasty tiny brains. We should indeed practice self-control when it comes to knowledge. Better to be without than to be with the false. We should feel utterly shameful as if we ate too much.

Do not be deluded! Insofar as the truth is not known there is no longer any use for such a concept. What would they have us do? To be like the poet who falls into all such spells all day long? Be rather without, for if we have no truth we do not need these concepts. To go on hastily, in all directions. That is the mark of the idiot. Be not that fool.

So much wanting to say, but I say to you: say less. Cut the extra calories out of that diet and you shall prosper. Be not the idiot-learned who falls into all such human traps, settling now for a painting depictured by someone else, now for their own stupid fancy, until they finally proclaim: If there is no truth, then let the truth be personal (and thus despicable, we must add).

Wanton not the forecast. Sit under tender stars. Contemplate your inhumanity: that day of transcendence. Let 'Truth' be your castle. Do not smear it with those false campaigns.