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Metaphysical Speculations

My metaphysics is quite simple.

There is just one substance. This we call God. It is consciousness, yet a void. It should be thought that there is one "pure consciousness" (consciousness without form in it) in which everything arises, all the forms. From this pure void, all things arise, since it is a creative void.

But these things which arises are not separate from God. It is emanations from Consciousness, and into Consciousness. Likewise, there not are not several consciousnesses for several persons. There is only one consciousness, which emanates the world into itself.

These things that arise in Consciousness is what we know as the world. So there is no independent principle called the Universe, and another which is God. Matter is merely sense-data. It has no existence except in Consciousness.

The world appears in Consciousness, much like a dream. In dreams there are both time and space, and causation, and other things such as substances. Likewise, this world is made of this consciousness, or rather the emanation from the one consciousness, into itself.

In this world people appear, but they should not think of their true selves as being the ego. The ego is merely what can be called a persona. Their true identity is the Void of Consciousness or God.

Their mission in life is to return to God, all else is merely passing.

To understand the personal deity, we need to apply some concepts. Unmanifestated and manifestated. The unmanifestated is what we call the Void of Consciousness. It is empty, and merely creates. The manifested is the world and the persons in it.

Now individual souls is not as such a manifestation of God. They are merely "Daniel", "Brett", and "Sarah". They are manifestations from Consciousness, but not of it. The personal deity, which I call Jahve, is a manifestation of the Void.

In other words, it is a sort of incarnation of the Void, whereas we are merely the creative outflow of Consciousness.

Edit: calling it "consciousness" properly creates too much problems. What I meant was not the ability to be aware, but consciousness in its entirity which is both the state of awareness and the objects one is aware of, and the principle of it. God should properly be thought of as only the principle of consciousness, that from which consciousness comes from and from which it is animated. In this way God is like a cell, which is entirely simple.