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Have you ever taken a walk through a forest in the middle of the night? If you do, you will find something supreme there. Something beyond recognition. The modern man does not know it. He is a being bred into the artificiality of the technological society. He is a being who does not know his primal roots, yet they are there, but only subconsciously.

He is quick to maintain that he knows truths and facts, yet he has never explored the possible worlds whereby we come to know ourselves. He drinks merrily the juicy propaganda they feed him, and he has never turned his gaze beyond the confines of his little world. Tradition and philosophy he is as unaware as he is about the nature of the wilderness.

Do not correct him, or he will have a melt down right in front of the crowd, who, being as unique as this fellow, will start throwing bricks against their collective enemy. They know everything about big televisions and food from McDonalds, but present anything foreign to their taste and they will be annoyed. At the same time they congratulate each other for being open-minded.

He thinks he is smart, but he knows nothing of any value. He prices the pleasures and comforts of modern society, and does not see how impotent and ugly his society truly is. If only he would divert his gaze from the empty spectacle called modern society, and look upon Beauty, Truth, and Love, then he would find something worth living and dying for.

This happening down here � it does not even deserve a notice in a history book.