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Uncomfortable situations
lack of restraint
mental disorder
and out of control
sixteen guns in my hand
five to fire
guns and loaded

Bizarre coincidences
thoughts of suicide
and impending motions
crushing waves
unrelentable conditions
toasted into comformity

Minions to disorder
and a few to relent
someting to deny
to walk through fire and hell
only on for your heart
your precious substances
and the never ending collapse

Thought we could rape and destroy
thought we were living the moment
something passed
a ghost now lurking
saw a few contributing evidence
could point the finger at you
or let it slip
like walking on clay that fits my purpose

Damned these few hours waiting
before such apocalyptic events
the wall that came down
now nothing between us
was set into motion
such fierce climb out of the world
and the never-to-young to be
daredevil who passed