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The Rabbit Hole

Do not come into these murky waters looking for truth and reality, for it is far away. Illusions must be shattered, but how will you know if it doesn�t reveal itself? If you don�t know you must depend on your enemy, and he prefers to hide in the shadows, from where he can lash and tear at you. Don�t expect this journey to be easy. Much pressure will compress your soul, and then lastly you will know.

I speak in riddles, for how else to speak of complicated means and ends? Out here, much is unknown � how far does the rabbit hole go? Have you tumbled into a hole, now not knowing where you are and how to get out? Will you come to know the truth at last? What is your true nature and name?

Do not give way for pride to grow in your soul, but remain absolutely humble. Be simple and neutral, and do not let the passions ruminate in your soul. Find your honest nature and give it name and space, but keep your social skills. Speak only subtly and indirectly, and let not poison into your speech. Then you shall thrive and grow, and people shall come and rest in your shadow.

There is much to be done. How could we fiercely prove ourselves against the world? By tearing at its structure we find its weaknesses and discover inconsistencies. And lastly, we must overcome it. Here on this planet reigns the beasts, and we should toss them from their high places. We must demonstrate a principle, and from it trees shall grow. Mighty trees. Lovely trees!

The possession experience is uncanny, and it requires a massive intellect to understand it. Don�t depend on the people, for they have been misled. This is indeed the age of the Kali Yuga where ignorance and hedonism is all that is left. There is not much to salvage here. How long do you think this civilization will last? It cannot keep expanding. It must come to an end. Exponential growth collapses at some point.

Keep discovering new knowledge, and do not be weary of this world, but take it upon you and be transformed.