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Respected or disrespected?

There is a fundamental dualism in human society, which is between the respected and the disrespected persons. People become outcasts exactly insofar human social pattern requires it. We see these misfits everywhere, yet they have no voice because the use of the voice belongs to a certain segment of the population.

Who becomes the disrespected changes over time and according to the beliefs that people have. We can mention prostitutes, homeless people, oppressed women, and so on. There are no explanations as such for this human behavior, we can only study the phenomenon, not understand why some become rejected individuals.

I definitely belong into this category of disrespected people. I live almost certainly on the edge of society, but that is to be considered a good thing. This is because people from the respected classes lose their individuality in order to behave as society tells them to behave. They have no uniqueness. They might be clever, but clever enough to see through the game.

You have to be incredibly moral, and that is exactly why you must reject the crowd. They do not know true virtue. The virtue they have is not really virtue. It is pattern of behavior that they have acquired because they always conform to authority. It is conformity and not virtue.

You must go beyond, so far beyond these people. Reject them as a matter of politeness. Inviting them in despite your feelings towards them does not do either you or them a favor. You must climb beyond.

There you will discover ancient wisdom still alive today, but you cannot do so if your greatest wish is to be like the bourgeoisie. You know their intense moral failings, their hostility, and their fear of being dominated. They are childish.