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To find the secret mean of escape and transcendence. We could apply an affirmative effort of collaboration. Only for speed am I on! and glory, and riches.

I live only in the extremes, in the effort to transcend mundanity and reach higher states of living and consciousness. Only in danger, and exceeding danger is life at its highest impulse. Only there does it truly flicker and burn.

So we must live with the consequences. We who are damned, we must apply our best effort, and to never lose our nerves. To not look back, and to foster no hope. That is the way of the warrior spirit, and that path gives us so much more.

For are we not dawns? and secret mercenaries, and divine in our essence. For nobility is who crosses these paths and passages. Let go of yourself, and fear not. Behind this madness and imbecility is found the secret messengers, waiting and calculating before setting in.

Ask not too much of me, for, though gentle, I'm furious as well. A heart of embers and flaming divinities. To cross out the path. To force reconsideration. To live, and to live so well, and in full consciousness of our inherent fragility. For the stars only!

Do come near to those hidden fields. Do swear in front of God to never let go. Do come with the glory of the morning Sun.