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It's The Television's Fault

In granting my wish, we set out to explore common destinies. On the trail we saw these things of which not much is known. We can speculate as to what the effects we receive has for its cause, but properly we will never as such get absolute knowledge about it.

How are we supposed to describe the nature of God? Some of us have had experiences, but they do not easily translate into something recognizable. Still, it is absolutely important that we educate the people to the extent that they can comprehend it.

We have fallen off the trail that the vast majority is on, and this makes it problematic to translate what we know into the language of the ordinary person.

Perhaps it simply cannot be done in this age and culture. We are proud of our materialistic science, and it does produce something pragmatic, but for us who have seen beyond this world, science is a laughing stock. It cannot and will never comprehend reality. Mysticism is the only tool that can achieve that.

We too follow the television screen in order to get some idea as to what is happening here on Earth. Isn't that the usefulness of the press? We have noticed some discrepancies, or glitches in the Matrix, and we have realized that we understand either a sometimes entirely false version of reality and at other times a simplified version of the story.

And that is the major source of our headache, and why we, the people, keep failing. A lot of what we know about the world is untrue. How can we live with such vast ignorance? We properly don't live, perhaps we are just sleep walking our way through life and society.

We must introduce truth to the population. But if they do not want it or believe it - then what can we do?