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The Tunnel

How is it possible to convey the truth about me? It is a secret well kept, and accordingly it sounds unreasonable to most people. People expect reality to be what has occoured to them in the past, because by what else than experience could they know what is real? But the causes they comprehend is all wrong. There is something afoot, and they don't understand what it is.

The carrot (desire) hangs in front of their proverbial donkey head, and onwards they go. What I have seen is unrelatable to ordinary people, and thus they will dismiss it as false or a delusion, when it is really their own ignorance which stops the moving train.

I have been through these dark tunnels which have brought me down into a pit and flying over the Moon. Like a spaceship through the cosmos, and always nearly entrenched by chaos monsters. These silly subconscious beings which analyze and influence the course we all take.

How strange - ! Once I was a boy like everybody else. I knew these kids in my neighborhood, and in some sense we were on the same page. How eagerly we played on those never-ending summer days. Am I still like my peers? I would say no, and maybe I never was. They of course have ordinary lifes, and average concerns. And they thrive in that milieu.

Do you know what I mean? I have been taken on a trip that is extra-ordinary. Have seen these monsters which lurks in the shadows which they do not see, yet they are there, and also for them. They just don't know about them.

How to proceed? How to tell the story? What to make of this life? Where to go? And finally - where to rest? In these tunnels. I these dark corridors. These vast magnificent halls. This vestige of utter discomfort and no prestige at all.