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For Transformations, Onward!

Proceed with caution towards the entrance, and obey fierce principles. In your soul -- it is united and one with the Divine Lord. How to excel? We are glory itself, the white light that shines forever without losing its impetus and momentum, for being solely pure actuality.

Without and within, but first and foremost you must unlock the door. Without, you will smash sensory perception and arrive at luminous activity. Within, you will grow so terribly. Like a mighty tree, you will stand firmly and no storm will shake you.

You will be transformed, and you will transform. No longer subconscious, you will realize the divine mystery in its entirety. Nothing shall be hidden, and you shall burn brightly.

Do not be weary of this world, for it has much to offer still. Though they may be ignorant, the masses can be channeled into secret transformations, and they will pay their price. For they must offer their tribute. They must all come to submit to higher forces, or to pay the price.

Yet it and they must fall. This world must give way to another. Its metaphysics is inherently weak and disorderedly, and have succumbed to error and sin. Nothing as so can exist in front of God. Do tear it down, and do so quickly. Pity not the lost souls, for they brought it unto themselves.

Though have mercy, and do not go too far in your bloodlust and frenzy.