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The Limitations and Ugliness of the Universe

Concerning the design of this world. Since we have zero references to anything outside mundane awareness, we mistakenly assume this world to be the best one available. Modern people reconcile evil and suffering with the mistaken idea of "progress". They think that tomorrow will be better than today. But we have come so far into the future that this idea seem false.

The truth is that this world was supposed to have been a literal Paradise. But with the Fall of Man evil, suffering and ugliness entered it and tainted it beyond repair. Now, all that we see and experience is a broken world. How can we assume otherwise after the Holocaust? Modernity promised us material paradise --- and accordingly culture gave way to a pleasure cult.

Hardship and endurence is now all that we have and we are spoiled in that regard. Seeing this world sets us on a course to another. I naturally evoke a flame in us. A passionate disregard for this world and its undertakings.

Take a look at what humans is able to achieve. We call it magnificent that we have visited the Moon, but is it really? Mans intellect seem strangely ugly. It comprehends reality in a set of logical conclusions, but in it, it lacks true creativity and spirit. Go to a suburb and tell me what you see.

It properly has a very efficient design, and you can see the logic behind it. It needs to house people who use it as a place for sleeping and leisure time, and perhaps as a sign of social status. There are garages, because cars are an efficient means of travelling, and so everybody has one. It has gardens that people maintain because they like being outside sometimes.

The cost-benefit of an average suburb is very well thought out. But where is the love in it? Where is the beauty?

But does this ugliness simply spring from the human understanding or is it a pattern that seem to characterize the world in general?

Plotinus writes that substance and form cover the evil none-being which is matter and makes it worthwile in some sense, but is substance not a mere cheap design made simply for efficiency and to have some kind of story and development going on in the Universe?

Even the form of beauty itself can seem trivial, or is it just because this broken place cannot truly convey or conceive beauty?

Society seems to be comprised of people on a silly narcissictic journey for power and pleasure, and so we understand the nature of organizations.

The only thing that truly stands out and makes this world possible to live in is morality and love. That is a wise design whereby we can have some reconcilation for our ugliness and ignorance. Someday it might come to dominate our experience. But this world would have to fall before it can be done.