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What to do, if you are trapped in a maze? For simple people, life is simple and mostly uncomplicated. They face certain risks like breakups, illness and death, loosing a job. But the average citizen in a Scandinavian country knows only little about the ills of life. One can sometimes think that hardship is a good in that it softens up the ego.

We do not face simple things. On the contrary we can truly be said to be battling some fierce demons. What do that makes us? Nothing really, but the constant pressure expands our intelligence and knowledge about the world. We might live in otherwise peaceful countries, yet we have witnessed the face of war and toil.

One thing that this has taught us about the world, is that it is complicated. There are no simple answers. Reality is extremely hard to discern. Simple answers often fools us. But then one day our perspective is altered and we see the world anew. We observe effects, but most people have the causes entirely wrong. This goes for philosophical questions as well as for more ordinary situations. We once thought the world was flat.

We must be inexorable wills, because these places are ill. Lunatics govern the planets. Who else would think making atomic weapons is a good idea? War and strife in itself makes no sense. What stops the world leaders from cooperating with each other? Only their selfish quest for personal power. But it keeps us focused on what is essential and not on extraneous hedonism.

Just go on and claim your destiny. What else would you do? But understand that there are things hiding out there that might change your priorities. But who really wants an ordinary life? Like soldiers we march...