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What Is And What Is Not

Being born into this world is awe inspiring. When you think about it, it should scare you that you are. Who knows where we came from and to what purpose. Could it a malignant purpuse? Who knows? Why not? A slight measure of paranoia is required in this world.

From what can be known by a little extra attention for the things of this world, can be used to deduce greater truths. If we are here, it seems to be a logical assumption that something must have brought us here.

Men have wondered: what is that substance that we call God? What is the relation between eternity and time? Between Creator and created?

The modern man is foolish, though he might appear to be clever. Let's be done with the extravagance, he proclaims, then we will find truth, often forgetting that the truth is never simple.

Modern philosophy was meant to suite our age. We have to doubt whether the inventors of the principles of modernity were really objective in this feat, or if they just wanted science and philosophy to fit with their political ideology. We want material goods, including military ones, so we can just slash and forget the rest, hoping that it won't come back to us in the end (but it will).

We exploit the planet for her ressources and pleasure, forgetting about aesthetics and design. If we forge an ugly civilization we will decline. Ignorance goes hand in hand with self-destruction, and so the world turns.

Being free of God was a great pleasure indeed. Now that he is supposedly gone, we can take his throne and "do what we will". Who is to stop us now? Most of all, if they have any refinement at all, they hate Christianity. So what better way to reconcile oneself with one's proclivities than denying the possiblity of accountability?

We must come to understand what is and what is not. We are not if we keep forgetting why we are here. What is can only be pointed at, yet we are connected by our essence with it. Now let us come and proclaim it.