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Winter Solstice

Humanity have always observed astronomical events. They had a place and time from which to observe the seemingly endless rotations and cycles, and so they saw the universe as cyclical in its nature rather than linear. We stand now at the brick of something radical and new, a bit like an important astronomical event.

Winter solstice is that point in time when the Sun is rebirthed from its descend into the underworld, and so it is the most important astronomical event. From it, the world in itself is renewed, and made fresh and pliant. When the Sun is reborn, likewise we ascent from chaos and death, into the purity of a new world.

We celebrate winter solstice not only because it is a turning point in time, but because of its symbolic meaning. And so the world must become new. The world must die and be reborn, because without death we cannot shed our ties to the old, corrupt world order. We must destroy our chains, and that means the death of the Sun.

We stand here at the pinnacle of destiny, and this is the time now for reflecting on the past. What burdens do we carry for the sake of tomorrow? How are we supposed to fare in a jungle or wilderness where nothing is certain? What evil hides behind curtains and in dark places? None of the things we do should be forgotten. We must have precious memory to aid our reflection.

The sun god is moving across the heavens, and so now is the time for action. From reflection, action should be birthed. We must tie together intellectual endeavours with tough actions springing from pure wisdom, for did it not give plenty of itself?

Whereever you are, this is the season for great, and terrible, events. Now come, sit in the shadow of the Sun and watch as it gives rise to a new world.