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Nothing and no one. I live perpetually in the twilight, where I chase after lost and broken shadows. I stare at death and destruction and watch as the world falls apart. There is nothing you can teach me any longer, for I have seen the suffering and the desolation that are to come, and have come.

Silly Claims And Crazy Conspiracies

Imagine that you live in one of the planets most affluent nations, that have build a system that works for the benefit of almost everybody. Those who aim for profit and carrier are allowed to do so, and they can … Continue reading

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Attempting the Impossible

We must come to know who we are. Humans are special because they consist of two distinct substances, the body and consciousness. Through the body we partake in material reality. The mind shines forth from our third eye like a … Continue reading

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Direct Action Needed


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The Body is the Antithesis of the Spirit

We celebrate and indulge in all that belongs to the body, such as physical attraction and sex, prestige and power, material possessions and wealth, popularity and self-interest or selfishness. The body is made of matter, and is the lowest principle … Continue reading

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What We Want Less and More of

The world is corrupt, and you know what? It always was, and it always will be. This is our home and destiny though, and we want to undo and prevent evil and perversion as far as it is possible in … Continue reading

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We Are Part Of A Lesser World

Matter is evil, but not in the sense of moral evil such as injustice and crime, but in the sense of being inferior. It is worse than consciousness, but is still ordered by its degree of partaking in beauty. In … Continue reading

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Matter And Consciousness

The two most fundamental substances found in this universe is consciousness and matter. We know of beings which consist solely of matter, namely trees and plants. Trees and plants are living beings, but contrary to mankind, they consist solely of … Continue reading

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The Tough Ascent

Private property is an impediment on the way to enlightenment and God. You can own the essentials, but you must not fall into the trap of consumerism and the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. You want to separate yourself … Continue reading

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Zero Mercy For Traitors And Hedonists

Long lost battlefields of ancient kingdoms The world is complicated but you need not fear Men out there who are violent without remorse People who will scare you as you wander through What good do you think denial will do? … Continue reading

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Why Hedonism Is Always Wrong

Hedonism has become the basic philosophy for much of the world, not only Western civilization as many would suppose, but also else where such as China and Russia. Hedonism is the belief that the good of life is the pursuit … Continue reading

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