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Caught in an Illusion
28-07-2021 - By Emil Hjort

The Hindu civilization is a huge treasure of thought. One of their thought-systems sees the empirical world as an illusion. The creatures live out their karma, which is basically a sort of wish-fulfillment. We get what we want, but there is always a price to be paid for our wishes.

We inquire deeply into important matters, but we quickly realize that the rabbit hole is deep. For what purpose was it established? We do not know, so we just engage with it hoping to learn more. We just live out our life and karma in a prison-like environment.

The Gnostic's must see the universe as a sort of prison. Either way, God is either good or evil. If He is evil then we are fuck’d. If He is good, we are still slaves to Him in a profound way, He being our creators. So we hope that God is found missing. Then we don’t have to face Him.

You can go around being a Sceptic, but you are still the man. A little center caught in a loop-hole. So we portray our little wish-fulfillment, and see what will come by the experiment.


On Pride and Humility
15-07-2021 - By Emil Hjort

Pride and status quickly becomes an obsession. So much so that little else besides it have any value. It is seen as the all-in-all quick solution to all the problems of the self. For the self wants to be grandiose. It wants to appear amazing, and so the world spins around titles and power.

Yet, this is the age of equality. Or so it would seem. For little has been done to topple the elite, who still runs the world, but now they have to appear in an election. So we have a democratically elected elite. But the structure of power hasn’t changed much.

The master-slave divide still reigns in the deepest pockets of our psychology. It definitely involves eros to a high degree, and it is therefore hard to get rid of. It is difficult to bow down to the world. Humility is hard to achieve.

Jesus understood this lesson very well. Being the jewel of the world or the King of Kings, yet He let go of the ego. He understood His value, but He also recognized how He was merely a servant of all.

Christianity was the prime and first real movement away from the old world of the master-slave morality where kings was seen as divine and above the rest of the population. The hierarchical society.

Being so special, we wonder how it was possible for Jesus to remain humble, despite being the center of the universe. We seek to replicate this mystery in ourselves.


Ideas and Visions
30-06-2021 - By Emil Hjort

I found that rational enterprise was satisfactory. And I wanted to produce ideas of my own. Combined with a grandiose vision, it could unfold and become a beautiful spectacle.

There were little in life that I desired besides it. But do not thereby mistake me for an ascetic. The vision was uplifting and filled me with joy, so that joy become my expression. What else do I need besides the impetus found in its own cause?

That was always my idea. I had the potential since childhood. It was easily discernible, and I was mislead into taking it for granted. Out of pure chaos – producing this vital engineering. To play dice with the gods, and to climb out of mere humanity.

I became one with a spirit, and the spirit propelled me onward in my vision. The people of the world looked on, and even gently pushed me in the right direction.

Then I realized the fragility of the whole situation.


The Truth is Rare
20-06-2021 - By Emil Hjort

How do you explain something which is frowned upon, ignored, and even hated by the vast majority of people? Obviously it cannot be done, for their hearts and minds are closed. Personally I understand this and thus have no negativity regarding it. If someone came and told me they have abducted by aliens, I too would consider them insane or liars.

The truth is not grasped by the masses. The truth is esoteric and hidden away, blooming only in secret gardens way outside of polite society. There are those who grasp it by intuition and by a fierce inner disposition, but they are rare. Most people have to accidentally stumble upon it. So the truth is ignored.

Ignorance is the condition of the human race. They believe in what they like to believe in, and not what a cool intellect can gather from observing causal relationships. Most people are not scientists or philosophers. Even philosophers rarely grasp anything, but their own superstitions and fancies.

But I stumbled upon a superior truth – entirely by accident. I was a fool and a clown, and were delirious by drugs and maltreatment. Yet it came to me some dark night.

What is this truth? It is simply the reality of God, and how the spirit of God resides in the temple of the body. This truth is ignored and frowned upon. So be it! The masses was always ignorant, and nothing can cure this. Now, let them accidentally stumble upon this truth.


Brahman and God
24-05-2021 - By Emil Hjort

There was infinite possibilities, but the nature of the Demiurge is so to control and to plan. So, from infinite void arose the material world order. Brahman was reflected inside of the material order, so that it became as though it was alive.

Then, from out of that arose the play of the gods. The world is a grandiose show. And it is absolutely horrible at times, but also very enjoyable at other times. God should not be equated with Brahman. God is something other besides Brahman. Brahman is just impersonal consciousness. “He” is the consciousness principle.

God is a demiurge, that is a world-builder. Though it has the connotations of either Platonism or Gnosticism, that is not the meaning that I have in mind. I am not a Platonist. And I am far from being a Gnostic.

God is both a void and something which is a substance. From the silence erupts the Word. This word is a form of mind. It has consciousness. It is a superior mind, and consciousness is reflected in it better than in individuals, so that God understand much more than we do. He experiences reality in a different way than us.

So He is a being, and He is a person. One of His attributes is omniscience. He understands and sees everything.

But to equate God with Brahman is a wrong assumption.


09-05-2021 - By Emil Hjort

They all want signs. They all claim that they would believe if only some tangible evidence was hand out in front of them. And so they really just declare that they are not ready to believe.

Peace be on such people, but they should know that God is not some sort of magician. He does not have a show in front of kids, as if He was in jest or some party clown. There can be no magic signs.

So, for the vast hordes of mankind, all they have is their beliefs. Do they have faith or not? What does it matter? Surely the world (or God) will forgive them for being ignorant of higher realities. They are just human, and so they are ignorant.

In higher realities there are no lack of belief in God. They understand Him very well.

Now, it is up to the mystic to relate what happens when the ego is transcended. But how would they know?


02-05-2021 - By Emil Hjort

I was taught, first of all, that there is nothing to cling too. Nothing in this life remains constant. Yet, something always persist. Tons of our habits was formed in childhood, and to this day we still rely on this fact. When the brain degenerates, then we will truly lose everything.

Until that day we have to battle with demons. These less constant elements which tries to subdue us. These enemies of which there are many.

We should only discover self-reliance. That is the second wisdom that I was taught. For we control only ourselves. So should we decay? Obviously we need to wield furious self-control.

Relationships seem futile. The other won't understand, and they are unreliable.

Material things are, beyond the basic comfort, just lures used to attract women. The good in life does not consist in owning a lot of objects. Consumerism is a futile religion, worshiping the most base level of existence.

What matters is the passion that you give to life. You should have an aim and purpose. You must direct yourself towards some goal, and this goal needs to be something superior. Do you give in to your lowest elements, that is ultimately what you will become.

So we are able to rise above all of this grief. You should be blissful in your execution of life. What seems like ordinary matter should be raised above itself so that it becomes cleaner and more effective.

For low elements have some sense of beauty in them.


17-04-2021 - By Emil Hjort

There were some who insisted that we should try to salvage people from the mess they leave behind when they spiral into a drug addiction and leaves behind a cascade of filth and madness. But such voices rarely understood the reality of such a situation.

They wanted to save them, so they could go on with their lives and feel good about themselves for being merciful to the weak.

Such people have good intentions, but when things turn out ugly, they prove that they only wanted to voice an opinion so that others could hear them talk and gossip.

The truth is that there is a thousand ways to fall and kiss the earth. Some come there by design. It is as if there are holes in society, in which some just ends up in, and without intending so. These holes swallow us up, and few rarely get up again.

Then there are others who seem to be disposed to self-destruction. These, often frail, beings have a touch of drama, and so they end up drowning from an internal disposition.

How should we deal with such mess? The people with good intentions wants more government regulations, but often the government is the problem. Instead of helping people, they end up putting a bandage on a broken arm, and they all too often confuse causes with effects.

We have to unravel people from their own misery. That is why we pray to the gods, for too often we need divine intervention to solve humanitarian problems.


02-04-2021 - By Emil Hjort

The world works in crooked ways. It seems a general rule that the wicked and corrupt rises to the top of society, while others are shunned into middle positions or worse. This is because states are run by the use of force and violence, and which sane person would want to sell one’s soul simply for a high position in society? They use terror as a suggestion not to come between them and their precious power.

This is by no means a validation of “nice people”. Sure, society needs a bit of social lubricant in order to function, but the pacifist is a coward hiding from the consequences found in reality. We have to use the same force as the tyrant does, but to overthrow him. If they will not rise up, but prefer safe delusions and comfort, they deserve the tyranny.

You have to be mean, or society will be ruled by fascists. You have to be willing to impose order and common sense on society, or you will lose it to the infidels. Those people who are merely chaos agents and who does not know any language but destruction. If you want to overthrow that dictator, you have to be fierce, and life itself demands a fierce outlook.

How else to exist in a void? For your dreams and aspirations are beyond value, and you must have courage to express them in a fitting way. If you are not willing to climb up that mountain, you will be stuck on the ground, and the project will never set off. So, Freedom Fighter, have courage above all else, for if you do not, you will be ruled by the wicked.


23-03-2021 - By Emil Hjort

På trods
og igennem alt
så det ske

Denne klare sol
disse smukke skabninger
denne varme

Jeg elsker på trods
uden tvivl
uden på tøjet

Denne jord
denne galning
dette råb

bitre forventninger
uden ansigt


To Proceed Only
17-03-2021 - By Emil Hjort

You must proceed with caution, for there is much danger in this world. If you hope to make it, you must make a friend of danger and horror, for though you may not seek it or desire it, it will come your way. This world is troublesome, and there is nothing to do about that.

What do you hope to achieve? For our achievements are quickly annulled by time and space. What we do is voided by the trees which grow and by the water which flows. Yet this urge for having importance in the world is always there. You cannot leave it behind, and thus it is filled with troublesome ventures.

What will you be in forty years? Perhaps just dust and ash, for death is always near you. But you should want to make something out of yourself, for that is transformative in itself. You have the subject of your work, for it has been given to you by a divine being, now you must take it from an idea into fruition. It must come to grow from you like wheat is grown in a field.

And may it be a blessed work. May it enlighten people years from now. How else to exist? But even that is eliminated by time and motion. We reason from cause to effect, and so we must describe the causes behind the mystical experience. That is our work, and it is right in front of you. Now to proceed only.

Have it in you to do something to better this world. Do not think that you can correct it, for evil is in the design, but with compassion you can give something precious to it. If you give compassion to the world, the world is transformed by the compassion, and it becomes a place with compassion. So give that to the world.


Wakeful Nights
12-03-2021 - By Emil Hjort

Resolved tensions
murky waters
absolute denial of self

Tensions flowing
about trees dancing
inside secret motions

Outside the sphere of influence
could not locate meaning
saw it develop fruitlessly

Inside is a cancer
tearing my life away
finding no absolution

The weight is heavy
uncontrolled rage
this secret lust tearing

And then this scream
young children crying
wakeful nights


Needs and love
09-03-2021 - By Emil Hjort

There are these ever pressing questions that are haunting my mind. To what purpose is this mission established? That is the fundamental question to which no answer has yet presented itself. And it is vital that I should know, for without an answer to that question my very identity is broken. How can I know who I am?

To what purpose was I created? Why did I have to experience so much misery? For I am a crying hero. Someone broken and battered. But nonetheless I must go on. What other choice do I have? There are so much weight on my back that it might break.

I wish for tenderness and beauty. But I keep attracting the opposite. There are this question that are rumenating in my mind: will they kill me? They have shown themselves to have no restraint, not even under the law. They want to be above the law, and so they are. But I am beneath the law, and so I am left to my own device.

What I really need is a saviour. And your hands to direct me. I am someone lost and miserable. Will I be able to climb out of this hole that I am in? Or will the dreams turn into nightmares? I cannot say, though it is absurd this display.

I want your love. I long so much for your sweet embrace and your tenderness. For without it I am just someone falling down. May it be a star to shine on me. May precious light envelop me. I do not care for this world.


Unanswered Questions
22-02-2021 - By Emil Hjort

I was passionate about ideas and wanted to develop some for myself. But the weather took me. I went in search of divine things, but gravity kept pulling at me. I understood some things, but some kept eluding me. I searched, but there came no answers.

I saw the world open before my eyes, but then I was disturbed by this spirit. I saw the illusion that is the world, but still the answer kept eluding me. I wanted to give of myself, but the direction I had kept disturbing me.

Perhaps one day I will know the truth of these occurrences. Today, though, I live in the borderline between fiction and reality, and how to convey this to others? I want to have dealings with other persons, but if they do not understand my point of view, how can I share of myself?

Above all else I want to share myself. I believe in the reality of love – to be honest I haven’t seen a lot of it, but I believe it to be real. But I cannot love what is not real, so I am placed in a situation where I seek love, but where it remains a sort of delusion. I can love, but am not loved back.

When I look at myself in a mirror, its almost as if I don’t recognize myself. I am such a stranger, even to myself. These things I have seen are tearing at me. Still I need to go on even further, for I now there are more revelations waiting for me at the edge of reality.

Luminous reality. But such forces pulling at us. I came to near to the nest and was disturbed by it. Now it sits there, almost as if it is not there, but always doing its work in the background. I guess that I will now the truth one day.

I wish only to shine bright!

I wish only to give of myself!

I wish for love and compassion, but where is it now?


Going Within

Why do you insist on going without when everything is revealed inside your core? Spirituality is first and foremost a search for God. If God did not reveal himself to you, what does that say about your spiritual state? You must lift up your gaze from these boring routines and there excel and let it come to you in a defining vision.

For this is the Wild West. You must be exceedingly hard if you are to conquer these fields and towns. Here only the most adventurous souls are welcome. All else are denied passing. Let the fields reveal themselves to you. There are secrets at the heart of this world, and inside is God to be found. And you have found.

Do not neglect yourself in the conquest for things outside. Turn within and conquer what is inside. When the inside is conquered, you will rule the outside. And it will come to you in a vision when you are ready. Test the measures, and control the whereabouts. The weather is always extreme out here, and what other way to live?

For they live long and dull lives, and we live short life filled with adventure and such mighty landscapes. Would you rather have been another drone?

But then come out and conquer, but turn within first.


The Kali Yuga

Ascend, dear soul, and leave your association with matter. Extend into that night of which there is no return. You should go onward, rather than linger in this stupid and silly world, for is it not of courageous substances that we are made? We were made for ascension. We cannot linger and stay on these shores, for we have seen some measure of what is found in the beyond. Ever restless, put on feathers and soar into the air like an eagle. Do not stay here.

For we long solely for the Other World. Though we have ambitions that must be fulfilled in this world, it is coming on slowly. As black as the oncoming wall of darkness when night falls, so evil will always fester in these wretched places. Boys are made into men by struggle, and it is in struggle that we subsist. Money and expensive items have meaning only in a world of shortage. Did we not know of poverty and meanness, it would loose its value.

And so the world turns. The high classes thrives with the ignorance and baseness of the masses. We see how evil and Fascism thrives in countries that are collapsing. But anything is better than the empty promises of Capitalism. Building an entire ideology solely on the idea that extreme pleasure is the only human goal worth following is the meanest thing yet to come, but again it makes sense that people follow the Dream, for money and pleasure have value in a world of shortage.

We could build something better. We could have religion and transcendental goals, but we have been reduced to mere chess pieces in the hands of the Capitalist overlords who above else desire pleasure. Other elites throughout the ages have sought other ideals such as absolute power, but now we have lords such as Trump who is but a vain hedonist.

But it matters not. This world shall burn in due time. What matters is our pursuit of truth and honour. How will they judge us when we are gone. What was our deepest longings and highest ideals? It seems to me that the Middle Ages might have been our prime years. Not as such in matters such as freedom and material prosperity, but it had the ideals of transcendental religion. Now that is all but gone and shattered.

There is not much left to salvage. Will there arise a new kingdom out of the ashes, or are we bound to forever exist in a state between servitude and material hedonism? Can there be no bridge onwards for something clean and pure and beautiful? These are dark days indeed, O my heroes. But also this shall pass.


At the end of the world

If you want to discover anything of significance, you have to go beyond the borders of the "normal". You have to say firmly goodbye to the world of the "nice people", those who are just taking care of their jobs and little pleasures. If you want to discover the real, do not expect that the minions will love you for it. You have to, in some way, live in two worlds. In one of them, you stare into a mystery so profound it can hardly be explained. At the other end, you repeat comforting lies so as not to awake their fury.

Hardly anyone explores the content of their consciousness. Some do drugs such as LSD, and they can momentarily take you to the other shore, but only if you already have it in you. LSD gets out into the light what is deep within, but if what is within is hollow, what does it matter? Besides that, drugs only have temporal use. They exacerbate the mind, so that some content, mostly the structure of thought, becomes more evident, but after a while, it just becomes pointless debauchery.

You can only get there by divine providence. You alone are chosen to take part in a profound mystery. The rest can only watch from the distance, hoping that a bit of the light might shine on them as well. What will come from the experiment is still not clear. One thing is clear though, it's not going to be easy going there. For now, you can explore the sea, and the precious wilderness in which lives such strange creatures. You know them very well, and you have much to fear.

Much is still not clear. But will the mud sink to the bottom, if the water is allowed to rest? Or will you die before you even know the truth about your own life?

Do not despair. I know it seems hopeless, but you have the spirit necessary to go through this. You have proven this time and time again. You are sailing on a great sea, with such terrible might, and such dreadful waves, but someday you will find the shore. This is your Odyssey, now hold on.