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Brahman and God
24-05-2021 - By Emil Hjort

There was infinite possibilities, but the nature of the Demiurge is so to control and to plan. So, from infinite void arose the material world order. Brahman was reflected inside of the material order, so that it became as though it was alive.

Then, from out of that arose the play of the gods. The world is a grandiose show. And it is absolutely horrible at times, but also very enjoyable at other times. God should not be equated with Brahman. God is something other besides Brahman. Brahman is just impersonal consciousness. “He” is the consciousness principle.

God is a demiurge, that is a world-builder. Though it has the connotations of either Platonism or Gnosticism, that is not the meaning that I have in mind. I am not a Platonist. And I am far from being a Gnostic.

God is both a void and something which is a substance. From the silence erupts the Word. This word is a form of mind. It has consciousness. It is a superior mind, and consciousness is reflected in it better than in individuals, so that God understand much more than we do. He experiences reality in a different way than us.

So He is a being, and He is a person. One of His attributes is omniscience. He understands and sees everything.

But to equate God with Brahman is a wrong assumption.