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17-04-2021 - By Emil Hjort

There were some who insisted that we should try to salvage people from the mess they leave behind when they spiral into a drug addiction and leaves behind a cascade of filth and madness. But such voices rarely understood the reality of such a situation.

They wanted to save them, so they could go on with their lives and feel good about themselves for being merciful to the weak.

Such people have good intentions, but when things turn out ugly, they prove that they only wanted to voice an opinion so that others could hear them talk and gossip.

The truth is that there is a thousand ways to fall and kiss the earth. Some come there by design. It is as if there are holes in society, in which some just ends up in, and without intending so. These holes swallow us up, and few rarely get up again.

Then there are others who seem to be disposed to self-destruction. These, often frail, beings have a touch of drama, and so they end up drowning from an internal disposition.

How should we deal with such mess? The people with good intentions wants more government regulations, but often the government is the problem. Instead of helping people, they end up putting a bandage on a broken arm, and they all too often confuse causes with effects.

We have to unravel people from their own misery. That is why we pray to the gods, for too often we need divine intervention to solve humanitarian problems.