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Going Within

Why do you insist on going without when everything is revealed inside your core? Spirituality is first and foremost a search for God. If God did not reveal himself to you, what does that say about your spiritual state? You must lift up your gaze from these boring routines and there excel and let it come to you in a defining vision.

For this is the Wild West. You must be exceedingly hard if you are to conquer these fields and towns. Here only the most adventurous souls are welcome. All else are denied passing. Let the fields reveal themselves to you. There are secrets at the heart of this world, and inside is God to be found. And you have found.

Do not neglect yourself in the conquest for things outside. Turn within and conquer what is inside. When the inside is conquered, you will rule the outside. And it will come to you in a vision when you are ready. Test the measures, and control the whereabouts. The weather is always extreme out here, and what other way to live?

For they live long and dull lives, and we live short life filled with adventure and such mighty landscapes. Would you rather have been another drone?

But then come out and conquer, but turn within first.