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15-09-2021 - By Emil Hjort

They all want signs. They all claim that they would believe if only some tangible evidence was hand out in front of them. And so they really just declare that they are not ready to believe.

Peace be on such people, but they should know that God is not some sort of magician. He does not have a show in front of kids, as if He was in jest or some party clown. There can be no magic signs.

So, for the vast hordes of mankind, all they have is their beliefs. Do they have faith or not? What does it matter? Surely the world (or God) will forgive them for being ignorant of higher realities. They are just human, and so they are ignorant.

In higher realities there are no lack of belief in God. They understand Him very well.

Now, it is up to the mystic to relate what happens when the ego is transcended. But how would they know?