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Ideas and Visions
30-06-2021 - By Emil Hjort

I found that rational enterprise was satisfactory. And I wanted to produce ideas of my own. Combined with a grandiose vision, it could unfold and become a beautiful spectacle.

There were little in life that I desired besides it. But do not thereby mistake me for an ascetic. The vision was uplifting and filled me with joy, so that joy become my expression. What else do I need besides the impetus found in its own cause?

That was always my idea. I had the potential since childhood. It was easily discernible, and I was mislead into taking it for granted. Out of pure chaos producing this vital engineering. To play dice with the gods, and to climb out of mere humanity.

I became one with a spirit, and the spirit propelled me onward in my vision. The people of the world looked on, and even gently pushed me in the right direction.

Then I realized the fragility of the whole situation.