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Needs And Love
09-03-2020 - By Emil Hjort

There are these ever pressing questions that are haunting my mind. To what purpose is this mission established? That is the fundamental question to which no answer has yet presented itself. And it is vital that I should know, for without an answer to that question my very identity is broken. How can I know who I am?

To what purpose was I created? Why did I have to experience so much misery? For I am a crying hero. Someone broken and battered. But nonetheless I must go on. What other choice do I have? There are so much weight on my back that it might break.

I wish for tenderness and beauty. But I keep attracting the opposite. There are this question that are rumenating in my mind: will they kill me? They have shown themselves to have no restraint, not even under the law. They want to be above the law, and so they are. But I am beneath the law, and so I am left to my own device.

What I really need is a saviour. And your hands to direct me. I am someone lost and miserable. Will I be able to climb out of this hole that I am in? Or will the dreams turn into nightmares? I cannot say, though it is absurd this display.

I want your love. I long so much for your sweet embrace and your tenderness. For without it I am just someone falling down. May it be a star to shine on me. May precious light envelop me. I do not care for this world.