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02-05-2021 - By Emil Hjort

I was taught, first of all, that there is nothing to cling too. Nothing in this life remains constant. Yet, something always persist. Tons of our habits was formed in childhood, and to this day we still rely on this fact. When the brain degenerates, then we will truly lose everything.

Until that day we have to battle with demons. These less constant elements which tries to subdue us. These enemies of which there are many.

We should only discover self-reliance. That is the second wisdom that I was taught. For we control only ourselves. So should we decay? Obviously we need to wield furious self-control.

Relationships seem futile. The other won't understand, and they are unreliable.

Material things are, beyond the basic comfort, just lures used to attract women. The good in life does not consist in owning a lot of objects. Consumerism is a futile religion, worshiping the most base level of existence.

What matters is the passion that you give to life. You should have an aim and purpose. You must direct yourself towards some goal, and this goal needs to be something superior. Do you give in to your lowest elements, that is ultimately what you will become.

So we are able to rise above all of this grief. You should be blissful in your execution of life. What seems like ordinary matter should be raised above itself so that it becomes cleaner and more effective.

For low elements have some sense of beauty in them.