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On Pride and Humility
15-07-2021 - By Emil Hjort

Pride and status quickly becomes an obsession. So much so that little else besides it have any value. It is seen as the all-in-all quick solution to all the problems of the self. For the self wants to be grandiose. It wants to appear amazing, and so the world spins around titles and power.

Yet, this is the age of equality. Or so it would seem. For little has been done to topple the elite, who still runs the world, but now they have to appear in an election. So we have a democratically elected elite. But the structure of power hasnít changed much.

The master-slave divide still reigns in the deepest pockets of our psychology. It definitely involves eros to a high degree, and it is therefore hard to get rid of. It is difficult to bow down to the world. Humility is hard to achieve.

Jesus understood this lesson very well. Being the jewel of the world or the King of Kings, yet He let go of the ego. He understood His value, but He also recognized how He was merely a servant of all.

Christianity was the prime and first real movement away from the old world of the master-slave morality where kings was seen as divine and above the rest of the population. The hierarchical society.

Being so special, we wonder how it was possible for Jesus to remain humble, despite being the center of the universe. We seek to replicate this mystery in ourselves.